Is 14k Italy Gold Chain Real or Fake?

Are you unsure that about 14K Italy Gold Chain authenticity and originality? Is 14k Italy real or maybe fake? Well, it matters because Gold is really precious and requires plenty of investment. With such varieties and classification in Gold, anyone can possibly get confused for selecting the best one out.

14k Italy is one of those types which has got equal likers and haters on its end. But here we all get stuck at the end with is 14k Italy real or just a scam? Don’t worry the below information will clear up your concept regarding the authenticity of the 14k Italy Gold Chain.

14k Italy Gold Chain – What is it?

Talking about 14k Gold, we understand that only 14 parts out of the total 24 parts turn out to be real gold, else the rest is made of metal alloys or other such metals. Therefore, 14k Italian gold means that the gold chain contains 14k Italian gold in it. So this means that 14k Italy real/authentic gold.

14k gold is one of the most common and lies in the category of Middle-class gold. The number represents the percentage of pure gold present in the mixture of alloy mixture. The other types of gold chains include 24k, 22k, 20k, 12k, 10k, and 8k gold.

24k and 8k gold chains are the least common of all. The 24k gold chain is just 100 percent pure gold, which is too soft to be molded into any gold jewelry, while 8k is the most impure and is only found in flea marketplaces. The 14k gold chain is mostly got the tag “Made in Italy.”

The gold with less than 10k solid gold isn’t legally accepted in the karat market of the United States, while 14k gold is considered the minimum gold standard in the United Kingdom.

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Detailing the authenticity of 14k Italy fake or real:

14k Italy Gold

The 14k Italy gold jewelry is stated as authentic and real, although you never trust the 14k Italy mark because there are cases where the 14k Italy mark was forged and was realized later. So it’s better to practice caution then regretting it later.

Of course, no one can judge if the 14k gold chain is genuine gold or not by just looking at it. There numerous ways to possibly verify the authenticity of the gold:

  • Running an acid test is one of the options for verifying 14k Italy real. Luckily, Amazon offers access to the acid test in an affordable range that could then further is used for testing different karats and other metals like silver and platinum.
  • All precious metals do not exhibit magnetic properties. Therefore, using magnets for testing the gold chain wouldn’t be an ideal choice. Instead, go for a smell test to verify the 14k Italy real as it doesn’t have any smell unless some substance is split on it. More precisely, the 14k Italy fake ones smell like a coin.
  • The manufacture marks the purity level of the 14k Italy gold expressed as .585. Next time buying 14k jewelry, look for the three-digit mark presenting the chain’s purity. The Italian jewelry, which is 14kW gold or a bit lesser than this is said to be .585, contains 58.5 pure gold. On the other hand, 18k Italian gold is expressed as 7.500, while 10k gold shows the mark of .4167.
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Worth of 14k Italy gold – Is it expensive:

Like everywhere around, the cost of 14k gold will depend on where you purchase it from. Italian gold is more expensive than the rest due to its high importation costs. The tax has been running on it for decades now, and import tax on Italian gold doesn’t seem to go away.

In the markets, it is generally priced as $23.50/gram, although it varies from place to place as per the condition. A jewelry enthusiast knows the real value of Italian gold jewelry as it stands to be the most beautiful and high-quality gold jewelry.

So all need checks the authenticity of the gold if it is 14k Italy real or not by looking for the percentage purity as well as the Italy stamp. That is what makes the Italian gold jewelry worth the high price demands for purchase.

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How to differentiate between a gold chains of 14k Italy real or 14k Italy fake through physical properties?

14k Italy Gold

Do you love wearing real gold jewelry to your special events? If yes, then how about high-quality Italian gold jewelry that is actually a real one? Below are some more ways through which you can physically identify 14k Italy real:

  • Bite the Gold piece:

Well, it may sound a sort of bit weird, but it is helpful indeed. The 18k or 14k Italian gold pieces form dent downwards when you try biting it, but the fake ones would not dent. Since the method isn’t a lot more trustworthy as gold-filled and gold-plated pieces will also form dents, let us check other ones too.

  • Weight of the gold piece:

Comparatively, if you have held a real gold before, you easily notify the difference in 14k Italy fake. The real ones are quite heavy and dense, while the fake ones seem a bit lighter in weight.

  • Quality Markings:

As mentioned in the text above, the marking present on the finest Italian gold jewelry helps to figure out the real ones. The 14k Italy gold will be having a 585 mark, 4167 for the 10k Italy gold, and 750 or .7500 marks for the 18k Italy gold.

Beware of the markings for the 14k Italy gold as they are commonly forged, and you can even find these marks on jewelry items with zero presence of gold in it. Moreover, the markings are also found on the gold-plated and gold-filled jewelry, which contains 5 percent pure gold.

  • Look for discoloration/tinge:

Pure gold is popular for maintaining its color for ages. That is the reason why we often hear that the real gold jewelry is transferred to the offsprings of the family. That gold jewelry is then shaped into different styles again and again, according to the running trends. Talking about the fake gold, you will notice that some black and green spots start appearing on the surface after some time.

  • Consult for Experts Advice:

Still, if you are not sure about its authenticity, you contact an expert to keep yourself out of trouble. Their experience with handling the gold for years will protect you from being forged at the market with 14k Italy fake gold jewelry.


  • Italy gold makes the best, most beautiful chains
  • Excellent quality gold chains
  • More precise designs


  • Expensive
  • There are too many counterfeits

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So should you consider 14k Italy gold for buying?

14k Italy Gold

Yes, I would definitely recommend you to buy as long as it is authentic and real to bring charm to your outfit. So get yourself the 14k Italy real gold jewelry since it is one of the best quality jewelry of its kind.


Although Italian gold has a similar intrinsic value to any other gold obtained from some other part of the world and the price of the gold depends upon the weight, the market, and of course, the karat. So, as long as the jewelry is marked with 585 and the gold marking isn’t a scam, then you have got a good quality jewelry item that is worth its price.

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