10 Best Earrings for Men in 2021

New styles and trends are on the go, so why shouldn’t men have their ears pierced. Are you looking for the best earrings for men trending in 2021? We have got the best ones out whether you go with the studs or hoops, you can make your appearance reflect your personality.

New trends for men in style for 2021:

The trends in fashion are changing ceaselessly, and society is accepting it heartedly. It was the concept engraved in the narrow-minded people that piercing and earrings are only for women to be worn, but the upcoming generations are changing these clichés. They are completely changing the meaning of fashion and redefining the concept of clothing with wild trends each coming year.

The concept of men piercing their ears and wearing different types of earrings became popular in the 1970s. The punk rock community gave birth to this trend and influenced a lot of teenagers of that time to buy into this trend.

Famous music performers, having their ears pierced, helped in developing this vogue. This trend has been there for quite a while now and is blowing up rapidly. Big fashion labels including Prada, Gucci, Channel, Dior, Cartier, Ambush, and more are coming up with cool and unique earring designs for men, taking earrings for men to a completely new dimension.

In this era of modernization, K-pop and western culture has added earrings and other accessories to their fashion sense and adding appealing looks to their style. They look cool, funky, and unabashedly rock in those earrings. Idols have embraced earrings as an everyday go-to, and this makes them look breathtaking. Earrings give a different kind of look to their appearance to reflect themselves. This stunning appearance helps them express their inner selves.

Are you looking to express yourself through your appearance? Are you looking to elevate your style? You must be looking for cool earrings for men. This article is a complete guide that can help you to reveal your style and persona. For this, the best earrings for men are listed below that will make you look cool and chic.

1. Stud earrings: the basic ones

Best earrings for men

The best earrings for men bring you the most basic type of earrings to wear – studs. Most likely, when you get your ears pierced, they will give you studs to wear. Defining the make-up of the stud earrings, it is a thin long rod that goes through the middle of your piercing and to secure it from the other side you use a clump or a cap at the end. They appear as a free-floating thing on your ear.

Don’t consider that if they are the most basic ones, so they are boring. You are taking it the wrong way instead they look very enticing and captivating. They look simple, classic, but stylish. They come in different designs and shapes. They can be round metallic ones or oval in shape with matte black coating on them. They are also available in silver to gold, copper, and steel.

The recommended size for studs is small because they look aesthetically good: what are your thoughts? The stud earrings are really subtle, so if you are looking for something really low-key, stud earrings are the way to go. Also, they are a very good starting point if you are looking to get your ears pierced, and you can progress your own style from that.

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2. Hoops: the subtle yet elegant

Best earrings for men

Other than studs, hoop earrings are another classic piece of earring and a go-to for a lot of men searching for the best earrings for men in town. The design is really simple and elegant. Hoop earrings for men come in different sizes, styles, and materials.

The most basic is the thin silver hoop. They are small rings made up of silver or gold. They also come in a matte black finish. If a person pulls off the hoop earrings with the perfect outfit and the geometry of hoop earrings looks natural, it can make you look prettier.

They look very inconspicuous on men but add a lot of spice to one’s personality. If you want a bolder look, then go all out with thick and big hoops. Big hoops are very attention-catching. Hoop earrings are comfortable to wear as they don’t have a clump or a cap, so they are much more versatile. The best point about hoop earrings is that they go well with all types of outfits.

Hoops are a staple in Latino culture. For a lot of people, hoops are a symbol of unity, identity, and strength. Some people consider hoops inappropriate and unsubtle, but we think it totally depends on the person wearing them and how the person pulls them off. So don’t let anybody tell you that you are not valid for wearing hoops. Hoops count as one of the best earrings for men!

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3. Ear cuffs: the classic design

Best earrings for men

Ear cuffs are a dainty hoop that wraps around the earlobe. Most of them don’t require piercing at all. You just wear them by squeezing or clamping them tightly on your earlobe. They come in different varieties, with some of them go around the outer rim of the ear.

If you are looking for something even fancier, then there is a type of ear cuff that is attached to a stud with a thin metal chain. This type of ear cuff looks more graceful and attractive. This gives more of that soft boy look. They usually go around the middle ear but the cuff can be worn at any height depending on your preference and the type of look you are going for.

Ear cuffs are a very unique type of men’s earrings. Just changing the type of ear cuff, you put on gives you a completely different look. They are one of the best earrings for men. A thoughtfully chosen ear cuff will take your ear game from 0 to 100. Try them out to enhance your good looks!

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4. Dangly: the standout ones

Best earrings for men
Best earrings for men

As the name suggests, dangly earrings are the type of earrings that go on your earlobe, and a part of them hangs below your earlobe swinging. They come in a handful of different styles ranging from simple hearts to extravagant snake dangles. Cross and hearts are one of the most simple and popular varieties of dangly earrings. Moon or star hanging below your earlobe and move give a different kind of look.

Recently, K-pop culture is becoming very popular among teenagers all around the world. The K-pop culture has a huge effect on the fashion world, and it is defining the new fashion trends around the globe. The dangly earrings are one of the hottest fashion trends introduced by the K-pop culture.

They are very attention-catching, and they cannot be everyone’s cup of tea. Dangly earrings are a statement piece, and it can be challenging to style them. Actually, the dangly earrings look a bit feminine, so not everyone can pull them off, but if done right they can look very charming and tasteful.

One of the cons of dangly earrings is that they can be pretty heavy so that they can stretch the earlobe that is why they can be a bit uncomfortable and cannot be worn all the time. Dangly earrings are becoming one of the hottest types of earrings for men as influential people like Lil Nas X, K-pop group BTS, Drake, etc. are wearing dangly earrings more often.

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5. Pearl earrings: dainty type

Best earrings for men
Best earrings for men

As pearls are making a comeback in the fashion scene and everyone is hoping on the pearl trend bandwagon, pearls have become a statement jewelry piece for everyone. Men are no exception to that. These days everyone including men can be seen wearing pearls; that includes pearl earrings, necklaces, and pearl rings.

Pearl earrings are one of the most timeless types of jewelry. They are elegant, classy, and simple. They can be worn on any occasion ranging from parties with friends to weddings, even at work. Real pearls can be pretty expensive, but the way it adds to one’s personality is really worth it every penny. If someone is looking for the best earrings for men, pearls are a great option.

Some people might think that pearls are an old people thing, but the upcoming generations are changing this notion by introducing different ways to style the pearls. Pearl earrings have a wide range of sizes and colors. They have different variants like stud form as well as dangly earrings.

The fact that pearl earrings are only found within a living creature on the bottom of the sea makes them extremely unique, unlike diamonds and rubies, which are fairly easily found, not talking about the real ones. Pearls give off a really soft look, so if you are a more masculine man, they might not be the right type of earrings for you. 

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6. Barbells earrings: the macho type

Best earrings for men

Barbells are another very cool type of earrings for men. They are completely different from those of studs or hoops. Barbells is a straight or a curved piece of jewelry looking very much similar to industrial piercing. As the name shows, it is a straight metal bar with fine small balls on both ends.

This piece of earrings is not worn on the earlobe but passes directly through the cartilage. When you decide to get the piercing on cartilage, you have to keep certain things in your mind. Firstly, cartilage piercing is done by special types of needles that pass through your ear cartilage, and it is better than gun piercing. Secondly, as cartilage is a soft bone, it is not flesh, it takes time to heal the wound of the piercing.

Barbells come in different designs. Basically, it is a straight or curved rod that can be of metal, gold, tungsten, or surgical steel. The hooks that are attached to both ends can be triangular, circular, or rectangular. These types of earrings are very trendy and incredible.

Are you in search of fine as well as trendy earrings? We suggest that barbells are one of the best earrings for men out there. Barbell earrings are not for everyone. They are a very bold statement piece, so everyone cannot rock them. If you are looking for a big and bold personality change, then you should surely go for barbells.

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7. Novelty earrings: funky ones

Best earrings for men

Novelty earrings are something that can definitely add an element of fun to your personality. Have you got a funky personality? It’s time to show off with novelty earrings that are the best way to reflect their personality. The idea of novelty earrings is very unique and cool for men’s earrings, especially teenagers, as it breaks the barriers of gender specification.

Novelty earrings don’t have any specification about who can wear them and who cannot. They are gender-neutral. They are a means of having fun and trying something really out there with your look. Novelty earrings can also look really aesthetic as they are really colorful and groovy. If you have a funny personality then novelty earrings are the best for you.

Throw on a tiny katana earring if you are an anime fan or a pair of mushroom earrings if you are feeling trippy. Novelty earrings include literally anything and everything. They vary from studs to dangly and cuffs. Go wild and have fun with novelty earrings!

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8. Edgy earring: undaunted type

Best earrings for men
Best earrings for men

Edgy earrings are the type of earrings that show the antique and classy designs and finishing. They are for those who have an edgy and bold personality. You will find them everywhere around the market, as it is for the one who has a very brisk personality.

They are the best earrings for men, who are introverted and have edgy personalities and want to express themselves. If you are an introvert then edgy earrings are definitely for you. The designs of edgy earrings themselves are enough to reflect your identity.

They come in different materials. They can be made up of gemstones, metal, or silver. The designs of edgy earrings are attractive and fascinating. They can come in various styles. They can either be knives, chains, handcuffs, but skulls are the signature piece of edgy jewelry.

Most of the time, people with edgy personalities are not accepted and are suppressed in society, so edgy jewelry delivers a way for them to express themselves. The inspiration for edgy jewelry is mainly derived from the punk rock community, as it is very dark, expressive, and loud. Edgy earrings are a way to express yourself.

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9. Flesh tunnels and plugs:

Best earrings for men

Flesh tunnels lie in the hate as well as in the love zones. These cylindrical earrings are shaped differently from typical earrings. They are inserted into the piercing for the purpose of stretching it. With the passage of time, the hole of piercing begins to grow larger.

This type of earrings is not accepted everywhere, so build up your mind before doing this. Flesh tunnels are the next level up to those of others. Not only does it requires time, patience, and some discomfort, but also, you cannot reverse its effects without plastic surgery and other treatments. So be sure about it before getting one!

The process of flesh tunnels requires a lot of time around 2-6 months, so make sure to get proper hygiene and care to avoid any infections or wounds. It feels uncomfortable when sleeping with plugs and flesh tunnels. It is only safe when you sleep while having soft silicone plugs. Flesh tunnels give a totally different kind of look to a person. If they match your personality, then they are the best earrings for you. Plugs and flesh tunnels are not for every man. Think deep before you go for it!

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10. Non-pierced earrings:

Best earrings for men

Some people like to wear earrings, but they don’t want to go for piercing. Also, some people want to experiment with their looks without making permanent commitments, so non-pierced earrings are the best way to go.

If you are not interested in getting your ear pierced but still want to look hot and accessorized, these earrings are a good option for you. You can experiment all you want and get a real piercing later. Non-pierced earrings are readily available in the markets. They include clip-on, magnetic earrings, non-pierced ear cuffs, and many more.

If you are looking for non-pierced earrings, the first option for you is magnetic earrings. They are the one that has a magnet that attaches at the back of the earlobe. They have a stud-like appearance and look trendy. They are usually made up of Neodymium magnets.

They are rare earth magnets, tiny and quite strong, so they are not very distracting and hold on to your ears quite strongly. Another type of non-pierced earrings is clip-on earrings. They are available everywhere and are very easy to buy.

In recent years, clip-ons are gaining popularity rapidly. They are the ones that hold the rim of your ear with a clip. If you are the one who wants to look fantastic but at the same time hesitate to have piercings, non-pierced are definitely for you!

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Yay or nay for earrings:

Are earrings for men hot or not? The answer can be yes as well as no. It totally depends on the person how he thinks about it. Some people think that earrings add to their personalities, while others consider wearing earrings unprofessional and unethical. For some, they can be hot.

Earrings are a way of expressing your personality. Men with earrings look a kind of confident and more attractive. Whereas, on the other hand, some people don’t like to wear it. It concludes that it totally depends on the choice. There is nothing wrong with trying out once and seeing out for yourself if earrings suit your personality and your looks.

Earrings trends 2021:

As the world is progressing more towards minimalism, the men’s earrings styles for 2021 include studs, as their design is very minimal and subtle. They are not so flashy. Different types of studs give different types of looks ranging from the very elegant look for office work to a very distinct look for parties. In 2021 diamond earrings are also making the comeback for the same reason that they are also very minimal. 

Keeping your pocket in mind, we have got that adds 10 Best Fake Diamond Earrings In 2021 – Piercing Jewelry Reviews charm to your personality.

Another hottest trend for men in 2021 is pearls, and it doesn’t seem to be going out of fashion anytime soon. Everyone seems to be rocking pearls these days. With the rise of the modern form of fashion, multiple brands are dipping their toes in more of the futuristic aspect of jewelry, making it sleek and practical to match your style.

Men’s earrings in a nutshell:

In the end, we come to the conclusion, best earrings for men are the ones that match their personality. You can’t really pull off something if it doesn’t go with your personality. Different types of earrings give different types of looks. You just have to experiment and see what looks best for you.

Above mentioned earrings are the best earrings for men. You can choose any of them that suit your personality. This article is a perfect guide if you want to style them with your outfits on different occasions. The best takes away from this article is that you should not overthink and try out all the earrings to find out which works best for you.