10 Best Earrings for Round Face

Every woman in the world love shopping. Some girls like clothes, bags, shoes and utmost jewelry. Jewelry is an essential part of women’s style and vogue. For some women, it is a must-have product for ready-to-go.

I also love shopping; whenever I go to the market, even for only window shopping, and then go through a shop where I see different kinds of jewelry, I can’t resist going to the shop and buying something for myself. However, you need to buy the best jewelry for a round face, as I have.

When you deprive of buying jewelry for casual or formal wear, it is essential to select the jewelry according to your face shape, especially when it comes with earrings. The selection criteria of earrings for your face are as crucial as your haircut. Not all earrings suit you; you need to choose them according to your face shape. Your face is close to the same length, from the tip of your nose to all sides. It is widest at your cheekbones if you have a round chin line.

The fashionists and designers straighten out several face shapes – oval, round, heart, and square, and give them valuable tips on choosing the type and shape of earrings to wear. You can check out the best way to pick up the earrings for your face shape below.

How To Pick Up The Earnings For Your Face Shape?

One of the things I wanted to do for a long time is to write about earrings.

Now, the first thing you do is find the most expansive place on your face. For this, you’ll have to create a chart of faces, and it’s not complicated. This is going to help you with the proportions and the length of earrings that you can wear.

When you talk about balance and harmony, it’s also essential to understand your jawline. There are three types of jawline; there’s a square jawline which a lot of times you see in a square face, or there’s a rounded jawline, and all of this is going to affect the shape and the length of the earring you can wear, and also there’s a more pointed. So, I was hoping you could consider that when you start to see some of the earrings that you’re going to show on these faces.

In this particular case, the most expansive area is at the forehead, and this is a narrower chin line, where I’m going to put the balance of the earring that is right in this area. Here, I’m looking to put some details, so that the bulk of the weight to my earring will go in this particular face style.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing, because one of the things a jeweler taught me in Italy was that the closer your jewelry goes to your eyes – the more you emphasize your eyes, the longer your jewelry goes down, the more it’s going to emphasize your face. This is a sexier look; this is a more romantic look, so that’s something to consider.

Alright, let’s start; let’s do some particular jewelry lines. I also like earrings that have movements. The movement earrings are an excellent example of round and chubby faces. This one is filling in and down in this area here, which gives you the most attractive look; it’s also serving a lot with color to the face, it also helps with your skin tones. But your hair color is going to make a slight difference. Now, your neck will be affected. 

If you have a shorter neck, you don’t want to get too much under here in this particular type of earring. If you expose your neck and have your neckline and see a lot of skin in here, you can wear these a little lower because it’s going to settle a little bit on your neckline. You wouldn’t want to do this if you have a collar because it will be in the way all the time. 

There is a trend more to clip these days. Some of these more enormous earrings are a little weightier, so you need to do a clip, and also, a pierced earring can never be positioned precisely on the ear, it’s only going to be wherever your hole is. The clip-on allows you to put it in detail to your face. Some earrings have right and left, and the ideal way is to have your flowing always into your face.

So, this is a lot of tips on how you want to wear it for this particular style, and this is an easy one to show. 

Okay, the widest part in a round shape is across the cheek line, and this shape is a little more demanding. If you have what is considered a shorter or a more extended neckline, your hair becomes extremely important.

Another area where that’s always good is if you’re going to wear round earrings, or that it’s always lucky if you have short haircuts, and you can bring the weight where they’re going to widen you out, up here, which will help you a lot to wear more types of earrings too. 

If you want a drop, and if you have a long neck and a round face, you definitely would be wearing the longest earring you can get because it will help you. Look at the difference between this, and if you drop this earring down here, again, I’m going to emphasize the clip, where you can position the earring exactly where you want to. This can be very, very pretty – and I might point it out to you, this is very romantic.

For square faces, the widest part of you is at the bottom or around your chin line, and usually, this is accompanied by more of a rounded or squared chin line. What you want to do here is the opposite of what you’ve done with the other two faces; you want to bring the weight away from the broadest part of your face and bring it up here more towards your eyes and closer to the ear.

You were using the weight to drop down in this area, and as you can see with this particular type of jawline, it’s imperative to understand that you want to keep the weight away from the broadest part of your face, and it shows here.

   10 Best Earrings for Round Face

If you have a round face and think that you have a chubby face, then this article is for you. Due to round face cut and comparatively small forehead structure, women often perceive their face as a fat face! But trust me, all the face cuts look beautiful!

In this article, you will get detailed guidance on earrings for round face shape. Styling tips on how you can wear jhumki, chandbali, tops, long earrings, casual earrings, and statement earrings if you have a round face. This article is a complete guide on selecting bridal earrings if you have a round face. You can follow all these rules and wear suggested earrings even if you have a round face – short neck or around the big face as well.

This article is also for those who remain worried that their face is round and which style of earrings will suit them. Will tops fit them, long earrings suit them or jhumki suit them? If yes, then should it have the top above? Will small jhumki suit them? Or will chandbali look good? Should they go for minor or long chandbali? Or should it be earmuffs? If you have to wear all this, then how should you style your hair? If these all questions bug you, then this guide is for you only! 

Let us begin!

You will see all the style examples one by one, which you can carry beautifully on your round face. Those examples include – if you wish to wear tops/studs, then how? If you want to wear chandbali, then which style suits you best! If you want to wear jhumki, then which ones should you wear? What styles will suit best with your Indo-Western dresses? And similarly many examples!

Let us move on to my design principle now. How can you stylize with the best accessorization according to your personality? What does design this principle suggests? It says that whatever you wear or carry on yourself, be it clothes, accessories, or jewelry, should bring an overall balance to your personality, and everything should complement each other. Today’s case is that your face shape is round.

So how will you apply the design principle for round faces? You shouldn’t wear any jewelry which projects your round shape even further! Neither should you select such a hairstyle nor such jewelry.

Let us understand this one by one with the help of examples. I hope you already know that your face is round! If some of you doubt their face shape type, then I have already told you above in detail.

If you have a round face, then the whole article ahead is for you only. You will understand each example one by one, and if and still if you find the criteria difficult to understand or difficult to comprehend, then I will tell you a trick at the end of this article. If you keep that trick in your mind, then you will never face any difficulty selecting earrings for yourself. So, let us check out the first style solution.

1. Long Earrings

Best Earrings for Round Face

The first style solution is straightforward to guess and is famous as well! That is to wear long earrings! Why do you need to wear long earrings? Because your face is round, and you want to create a length illusion. Correct! So that it may bring an overall balance.

What you need to pay attention to is that their length should not exceed your shoulder point and goes to your bust level or midsection when you wear long earrings. Why don’t we want this to happen? Because we wish to long earrings to remain visible! Visible long earring is essential because together with a round face and long earrings, they will complement each other.

But if you wear long earrings ending around your bust area, it will get mixed with your clothes and our purpose will be defeated. If you want to keep the length right, choose such earrings that end half or one inch before your shoulder point. This is the ideal length of earrings for you.

2. Jhumkis – The Inevitable Jhumkis

Best Earrings for Round Face

Bridal season is around the corner, and our second style solution is for that only for round-face ladies. You can get so many bridal earrings for round face online. Be it the wedding season, or it’s your own marriage, you cannot avoid suggestions for wearing jhumki. But you have a round face! What to do? If you have to wear jhumki, keep in mind that when that jhumki starts near your ear, it should be a little sleek and broaden around your chin level.

This will bring an overall balance to your personality. Don’t wear any jhumki, which is small and is broad near your jawline. Even if you have a short neck, you should also not wear a very small jhumki as it will project your already wide jawline as more wide! And you certainly don’t want that! Hence, Jhumka earrings for a round face are the best solution.

3. Drop Earrings

Best Earrings for Round Face

Drop earrings or earrings that are well pointed and narrow as they help elongate your face and balance it. Drop earnings are of various types and forms. You can choose them in length and style, along with their drooping structure according to your face. Drop earrings come in numerous styles and designs- flower, stone, crystal, lace, and beat plans, but they also suit you with your dressing style. I’ve had no issues with stones falling out. I get a million compliments when I have them with my outfit. It looks so royal and classy, not too heavy! They make a great addition to your collection.

We have carefully selected some lovely earrings’ collections that would suit your beautiful round, fat, or big face for either long or short neck. In this article, you may enjoy while reading the best earrings for round face. Choose narrow, long, and dangle earrings to elongate the face.

4. Chandbali Earrings

Best Earrings for Round Face

We all wish to wear chandbali. So what if your face is round! I will give you a style solution on how you can carry chandbali on your round face beautifully! You might wonder that I told you earlier in the design principle that you should not wear round design over round face!

You are right in your observation!

But I will tell you how you can stylize it elegantly on your face shape. Select such chandbalis in which total design ideally lies around your chin level and not around your jawline. Select such chandbali designs which are sleek in the beginning & broadens near your chin level.

5. Tassel Earrings

Best Earrings for Round Face

The following style solution focuses on that only. And that is tassel earrings. You must have seen casual earrings which have a chain-like or thread-like structure at the bottom. You can select any earring which has a chain-like design at the bottom. This structure creates a length illusion in your face.

If your earring has tassels work, then it doesn’t matter if it is a little wide at the beginning, as tassel structure balances out that! You can see this in the given examples above. Few of them are even wide at the beginning, but tassel complements it nicely.

6. Studs Or Tops Earrings

Best Earrings for Round Face

Another style solution tops/Studs. Big Tops! Although it is a big NO generally for all those whose faces are of round shape, you can still wear it beautifully! How? It is effortless! Just elongate your face! How will you do that? Ask your hairstylist to add a little bounce in your hairdo. Or you can add a beautiful bun with the bounce.

This will add a length illusion to your face, and then you can carry big tops beautifully. Studs earrings for round faces look amazing in daily routines. If you’re a housewife or an office or a college-going lady, then wearing studs is the best match for your outfits.

7. Kundan Earrings

Best Earrings for Round Face

This style solution is a prevalent one. You need to take care of the same tips, which I have been discussing till now. Don’t wear any earring which is short and is wide near your jawline. As it will make your round face look rounder! You can select all such Kundan earrings which are of good length and ends just above your shoulders.

Or if you wish to wear chandbali or long earrings, or such earrings which have tops at the beginning, still you need to keep in mind the same principle that it is sleek at the front & only broadens around your chin level. Then only will they compliment your face shape fully?

8. Bali Earrings

Best Earrings for Round Face

If you wish to wear Bali with your casual dress sometimes, select such a Bali with some drops or tassels work at the bottom! This will again shift the focus towards your chin level, and you can wear it without worrying. You can wear these styles in your engagement, reception and with your Indo-Western dresses, as all of these have the same design essence, which I explained to you right now. Indian Bali is always suitable for casual use or a festive occasion. 

Indian earrings for a round face are a perfect solution for Asian dressing.

Just remember that all the face cuts are beautiful and your face shape is fantastic as well! But sometimes we get bored, and we wish to have a long face illusion!

Let us discuss statement earrings now!

9. Statement Earrings

Best Earrings for Round Face

I have generally observed that my clients, whose face are of round shape, have some fear holding them back from wearing statement earrings. They feel that it’s okay to know that long earrings suit them better, or wear long chandbali or long jhumki, which are sleek at the top and broadens at the chin level, and blah blah… But when it comes to wearing statement earrings, they are worried about their faces. Now the problem is that you are the focus of the party and definitely, everybody is observing you.

So, I am giving you few earrings examples here. You can observe the earrings with big, bold design in a circular or a square shape. It is not necessary that you look for the exact earrings, and wear them! But yes, similar designs will suit you very well. Large stud statement earrings for large earlobes is also the best example. If you observe all these earrings, then you will see that all have the same underlying principle. None of the above earrings are broad near your ears.

None of them is excessively long. The design principle is the same here. Sleek at the beginning and broad around your chin level. Wear such designs and you will look your best version!

10. Angular Earrings

Best Earrings for Round Face

You can also choose to wear angular earrings on your round face shape. For example, a sleek triangle shape or some long rectangle-shaped earrings. Such angles will balance out your rounded face look. At the start of this article, I told you about one trick I was supposed to say to you.

Well, if you are reading this article till this point incessantly, then you must have already understood the trick! The trick is that “Don’t wear any round small earring!” Wear earrings that are long and sleek from the top. That’s it! Keep in mind this one a liner trick, and you will never face the difficulty of choosing the earring for your round chubby face.