10 Best Jewelry Boxes In 2021

I have a lot of jewelry!”, said no woman ever. This is a universal fact, further strengthened through the piles of rings, tangled necklaces, and jumbled earrings on your vanity table. While there is nothing wrong in getting jewelry every time you go out, keeping it disorganized and messy is. This is where your hunt for the best jewelry boxes starts.

Jewelry boxes are not only a means of keeping your place clutter-free, in fact, they help save your jewelry from tarnish and damage too. High-qualitydesigner jewelry boxes come with felt or leather interiors elongating the life span of your beloved pieces.

Imagine how convenient it will be to not have to fish for your watch every day before leaving for your office, or look for your favorite ring. Furthermore, vintage jewelry boxes make for splendid gifts.

Whether you are here looking for thebest jewelry boxesto gift someone, or just looking towards organizing your treasure, we have got you covered. Go through the list of the best jewelry boxes on Amazon and choose one according to your taste.

Types of jewelry boxes

There are countless types of jewelry boxes available. But, there are a few basic ones that are used the most. Read on to find out what those are, and which would suit you the best.

Wooden boxes

These are the most common and somewhat vintage type of jewelry boxes. They rarely have compartments inside and are carved from the outside. The designs range from light carving to heavy.

In current times, a lot of people have shifted to fancy, modern cases. However, the sentiments attached to such boxes remain the same.

Travel cases

While the name may sound like boring travel bag kind of boxes; these are stylish, compact organizers available in different sizes. You can get one according to the amount of jewelry you intend to travel with.

The best part is that you do not necessarily have to use them for traveling purposes. You can also use them as regular jewelry boxes if you are looking for a minimalist look.


Armoires are a wonderful twist to regular jewelry boxes. They resemble a chest of drawers from the outside and usually consist of stacked drawers and side flaps with hooks for hanging neckpieces.

Furthermore, their interior is always lined with padded fabric, protecting your jewelry. They are available in different sizes and are the largest and the most spacious of all types of jewelry organizers.

Acrylic boxes

If you are an easy-going person, clear acrylic jewelry boxes would suit you the best. These appealing organizers are perfect for working people who like to have their everyday accessories in sight. It is usually layered, with multiple compartments helping you keep your jewelry organized and neat.

They are placed in areas where you can see and access them easily such as your side table, coffee table, or bathroom cabinet. These are better suited to people who have less jewelry, they wear every day.

Since the sizes are small you cannot expect them to hold your statement necklaces and earring. They hold rings and studs better. They also add a classic touch to our place.

What makes the best jewelry box?

There are several factors that make up a splendid jewelry box. However, it may be different from person to person. There are people who are more inclined towards vintage, wooden boxes while some would go for a fancy, modern look. There is nothing wrong with any of them if you make sure to get the highest quality.

Compartments and dividers

The most crucial aspect of an organizer is the dividers it has. After all, this is what keeps your jewelry neat and organized. Depending upon the type of jewelry you own, check the compartments.

For example, if you are a ring person, you would need smaller but several compartments. Similarly, if you own a lot of statement pieces it would be better to get an organizer with larger dividers.


One quality of a high-end jewelry box is the type of lining it has. Those boxes with plush, velvet, or leather lining keep your jewelry safe from scratches and tarnish. Furthermore, it is easier to keep such organizers clean too. If it is soft touch that means your jewelry is safe from damage.


Long gone are the days when you could only find wooden jewelry boxes. While they are quite sturdy, some people would prefer leather or medium density fiber to be the manufacturing material. These materials are comparatively light in weight.

While you could choose from these basics, there are fancier options available in the market as well. You can also get a glass or beaded jewelry box. However, those would be harder to look after since they will be delicate. Hence, make your choice wisely!


There is no denying the importance of a robust and hard structured jewelry box. However, a stylish and aesthetically pleasing outlook is essential too. The best jewelry boxes tick both the marks, which is being practical as well as beautiful.

It also depends upon your room decor and taste. You can get a vintage, medieval-looking wooden box or a chic, acrylic glass organizer. It all depends on what look you want to go with.

10 Best jewelry boxes to level up your game

These are;

  1. Umbra Tesora Jewelry Organizer
  2. Songmics Jewelry Box
  3. Weiai Acrylic Jewelry Box
  4. Mele & Co. Giana Jewelry Box
  5. Voova Jewelry Box
  6. HerFav Jewelry Box
  7. Vlando Faux Leather Jewelry Box
  8. Kendal Huge Leather Jewelry Box
  9. Misaya Women Jewelry Box Organizer
  10. KLOUD City Two-Layer Jewelry Box

Umbra Tesora Jewelry Organizer

best jewelry boxes

Looking for an upscale jewelry box that compliments your modern studio apartment? Look no further than the Umbra Tesora Jewelry Organizer. Umbra has always produced quality products for compact places, and this jewelry box is no different.

It solves the problem of getting modern, chic pieces for your place that help organize and add a sophisticated outlook. Furthermore, the metallic, two-tiered body gives it ample space to store your jewelry, no matter what size. Store large watches to small nose pins all in one place. The metal top functions as a lid as well as an additional tray for keeping your daily wear.

Thebest jewelry boxes are those that are functional as well as beautiful. With Umbra’s boxes, you can expect the best of both. Since it is two-tiered, you can use it in any way you like. Separate the compartments, keep them side by side, or stacked; it all comes down to what you want.

It is a sudden lifter to your place no matter where you keep it. Perfect for vanity tables, side drawers, and cabinets, this classy, decorative jewelry organizer is definitely worth investing in. it makes a splendid gift that is sure to make them feel loved.

  • The tray can be used for storage
  • Two tiers giving ample space
  • Elegant outlook
  • A little heavy

Songmics Jewelry Box

best jewelry boxes

Next on our list of the best jewelry boxes is the Songmics Jewelry Box. This gorgeous organizer is an ideal jewelry box with a well-thought structure. It has everything you would need to store the hoards of jewelry you own.

 The top layer has different compartments for storing different pieces. The bottom two drawers can be used to store large objects while the side doors for hanging necklaces. The mini mirror on the lid makes it a complete package for people who are always on the go. Whether it is an official or a college trip, Songmics Jewelry Box would be the perfect organizer to take with you.

You can find a lot of different types of jewelry boxes in the market, but none with such quality and price. The gorgeous exterior is not the only worthwhile thing. It comes with a wooden frame that is lined interiorly with velvet to keep your jewelry safe.

 The size fits perfectly on your side table as well as your traveling bag. The premium quality material ensures that you do not have to deal with scratches and damage, making it long-lasting.

  • Comes with a lock
  • Perfect size
  • Amazing dividers and compartments
  • Average quality wood

Weiai Acrylic Jewelry Box

best jewelry boxes

If you are a fan of a minimal yet elegant look, this jewelry box is for you. The crystal clear structure giving you the inner view is what makes it to the list of best jewelry boxes. This acrylic organizer brings all the bright, shiny vibes to your room. Depending upon the type of collection you have, this crystal jewelry box reflects your taste.

From the surface, you can see that it is three-layered. The first one has compartments for rings, earrings, and other small items. The second one has large, square dividers while the third one has no compartments. This way you get all in one piece. Moreover, the drawers come with ultra-modern, molded handles adding a touch of elegance to them.

Weiai Acrylic Jewelry Box might look delicate to you, but the material is extremely high quality. The waterproof and dustproof medium ensures that your organizer stays as good as new throughout.

You can put it on your bathroom shelves, or your bedroom side table, it goes with all. The velvet lining on the interior keeps your jewelry clean, saving it from tarnish and damage.

  • Chic and stylish outlook
  • Large storage
  • Removable drawers
  • Does not come with a lock

Mele & Co. Giana Jewelry Box

best jewelry boxes

Another best jewelry box that you could gift or get for yourself is the Mele & Co. Giana Jewelry Box. It comes with a soft, plushy exterior that feels like silk on touch. It makes an amazing jewelry box for earrings with its tray and compartments so you can have everything close to you.

Even with jewelry boxes, it is important that you have a clear view and reach of your pieces. This is why this box comes with removable trays paving the way to a secret compartment beneath. Consider it a safe place for your favorite watch or maybe a special ring.

The lined interior keeps your jewelry box safe from scratches from the jewelry as well as keeps the jewelry safe. The inside of the lid features a grand mirror for touch-ups all in all this is a solid organizer that opens into a unique feminine interior that is perfect for daily keeping.

  • Durable
  • Perfect for traveling
  • Good quality clasp
  • Not enough dividers

Voova Jewelry Box

best jewelry boxes

With an outstanding wooden frame made from vegan leather exterior, the Voova jewelry box drips luxury from its outlook. It is undoubtedly one of thebest jewelry boxes you will find out there. What makes it more impressive is its dust-free and anti-abrasive material which can easily be cleaned with a sweep of a damp cloth. That being said you do not have to worry about cleaning the box or keeping your jewelry pieces clean.

Worried about where to place your statement jewelry? This organizer is the answer to it. The high-quality word insurance safekeeping of heavy jewelry items without any cracks. Its interior is lined with high-quality flannel so that it remains clean of any scratches or fingerprints.

This two-layer organizer has enough space to store all kinds of treasures. From ring slots to earring plates and large dividers for watches and accessories this organizer covers it all. Furthermore, the back of the box comes with attached for long necklaces and pendants. This way you have everything in front of you for easy access.

You can move the compartments back and forth according to your need. The metal clasp works wonderfully in keeping it secured and adds a touch of elegance to the overall look of the jewelry box.

  • Removable dividers
  • Large capacity
  • Unique earring plate
  • The tray is not easy to remove

HerFav Jewelry Box

best jewelry boxes

Are you a fan of Pinterest-worthy aesthetics? If so, you would definitely love this clear 3 layered HerFav Jewelry Box. It does not only look splendid on your dressings but also provides full protection, thanks to the velvet interior. Hence, there is no question about it being the best jewelry box organizer.

The different drawers and compartments provide abundant storage to store all your treasures in. while in most cases, you will have to invest in another organizer since they are usually not that big. However, this case can get through all your jewelry. It comes with a see-through top layer that makes it easy to choose your wear for the day without the hassle of taking out everything.

HerFav Jewelry Box has a versatile chic, modern look that goes with all kinds of settings. Whether you live in a studio apartment with a minimalistic design or a bright, homey house; this acrylic organizer goes with it all. It is totally worth the money you spend since this sturdy jewelry box will last you for many years to come.

  • Beautiful, clear structure
  • Sturdy build
  • Fits a lot of things
  • Not travel friendly

Vlando Faux Leather Jewelry Box

best jewelry boxes

Have you ever wished for those grand, luxurious-looking organizers you see on TV?  The good news is that you can get it in the form of a Vlando Faux Leather Jewelry Box. it is as fancy as it sounds with a leather and velvet lining. Who says pretty things are not useful? This jewelry box is the prime example of the style with usefulness.

It comes with a lot of dividers including 3 earring hangers, 8 pairs of stud earring holders, 2 pouches in the side flaps, a row of ring rolls storing up to 18 rings, 3 drawers, and 3 compartments. This is not all! You also get a built-in mirror adding a touch of elegance to this beauty. All this makes it one of the best jewelry boxes in the market.

This high-end brand takes extreme care in bringing practicality and exquisiteness together. If you are a woman, you have to get this. It also makes an amazing gift, so if you are looking for a gift for a special someone; this has to be it. The charm of this stylish jewelry box is bound to confuse you if it is the treasure itself or the ones inside.

  • Attractive and luxurious
  • High-quality material
  • Diverse compartments
  • Does not have a lock and key

Kendal Huge Leather Jewelry Box

best jewelry boxes

For people looking towards getting one huge jewelry box instead of investing in several small or medium-sized ones, Kendal Huge Leather Jewelry Box would be an ideal buy. It has a robust build, made of high-quality material. The leather looks and feels almost original, giving you an extremely clean finish. The suede lining makes it more premium with the added charm.

It is huge, but do you know how many layers it has? Not one, not two, not three but five massive drawers! The claim of being large is not just words, it actually sets the bar. Moreover, the swing cabinets come with extra hooks for added usability.

On close observation, you can see how every layer and compartment is made for different types of jewelry. The topmost having as many as 20 dividers for rings and earrings, while the rest of the layers have fewer but large compartments. The last one, however, does not have any divider so that you can keep your watches and other such things. The molded handles add to the productivity as well as the looks of this jewelry box.

  • Great storage
  • Excellent finishing
  • Chic handles
  • Relatively pricier

Misaya Women Jewelry Box Organizer

best jewelry boxes

Next on our list of the best jewelry boxes is the Misaya Women Jewelry Box Organizer. This voguish organizer is perfect for people with a minimalistic and easy-going nature. However, it consists of a lot of removable dividers and compartments for your ease. The necklace hooks, ring holders, earring cards are just a few to name.

You can also find them asjewelry boxes wholesale, helping you organize your jewelry so that it not only looks neat but also stylish. After all, how great it would be to not have to deal with tangled necklaces or a lost earring. Keep all your jewelry organized and a hand’s reach.

It has a sturdy build but still looks feminine. The PU leather along with the plush lining makes Misaya Women Jewelry Box Organizer stand out among its competitors. Furthermore, it is available in all light pastel colors giving your place a fresh vibe. The advanced locking mechanism ensures that all your jewelry remains safe if you decide to take it on a trip.

  • Affordable
  • Stylish
  • Does not scratches due to lined interior
  • No horizontal dividers

KLOUD City Two-Layer Jewelry Box

best jewelry boxes

It is a struggle to find the right jewelry box for your delicate pieces. Since the statement pieces can be stored anywhere, it is the delicate ones that need a particular place. The high-quality material and excellent manufacturing make it an ideal organizer that would keep your jewelry safe for years to come.

The two layers with removable dividers give you the liberty of customizing the space according to your preference. You also get a half pocket on the inside of the lid providing additional space for last-minute keeping. The high-grade lock and key give you peace of mind by locking it whenever you are done. This especially helps when you are on the road.

The size is perfect with regards to the use. At this price, this is a steal deal providing you a supreme quality product. The best thing about this organizer is that you do not have to search for it. Everything is placed at close proximity in front of you. Grab that watch, and everyday ring as soon as you open the box.

  • Lint interior to keep jewelry safe
  • Double layer
  • High-quality material
  • Does not lock all the way


Choosing a jewelry box for yourself is not as simple. You need to keep your personality, use and need in mind before you get something. Moreover, the organizer must be sturdy to last you a long time.

Our list of the best jewelry boxesconsists of gorgeous options that will instantly uplift your place in addition to storing your jewelry. Get yourself the ideal organizer suiting your preference and make your space clutter-free.