15 Best Places to Sell Jewelry Online


Business with jewelry selling runs a profit-making trend these days. The entry card for joining the online market is easier than ever – with just your enthusiasm, a whole lot of grit, and creativity, you can make money selling jewelry from home. With a stat of more than 29 million people already purchasing online jewelry each day determines a tough competition for selling them. Don’t you worry, as we have got your back with our expert guide to keep you going on the right track!

Are you trying to find reasons why to sell jewelry? With the jewelry industry holding a worth of billion dollars, why wouldn’t one like to be part of it? Online marketplace for jewelry is going completely outrageous – knowing no boundaries. No matter what the age or culture, jewelry appeals to men and women! Now you have got the secret to why your business is never going to run out of buyers!

Whether you are an artisan handcrafting these beautiful art pieces, or a jeweler with some precious pieces to sell, you might be looking for the best place to sell jewelry online? Following the question, where to sell jewelry online, we have searched out the 15 best places to sell jewelry online. How about a taking glance:

  1. Amazon Handmade
  2. Etsy
  3. Bonanza
  4. Storenvy
  5. Overstock
  6. eBay
  7. Sears
  8. Walmart
  9. Ruby Lane
  10. ArtFire
  11. Shopify
  12. Facebook Marketplace
  13. Tictail
  14. RebelsMarket
  15. Zibbet

Make Money by Selling Jewelry Online From Home

Who doesn’t like some extra pocket money? How about crafting some fantastic and unique jewelry to sell online with these easy to use e-commerce platforms like Etsy, Amazon Handmade, ArtFire, and more. So bring out our crafting skills and make buyers your real fan!

Ready to dive in for more detail? Time to diverse and scale through the best place to sell jewelry online:

1. Amazon Handmade

Best Places to Sell Jewelry Online

Amazon.com is one of the most competitive marketplaces for selling jewelry online. Here buyers find interesting prices and logistics for their jewelry choice, and sellers create classic designs or fashion jewelry in mass production.

To make it a more targeted platform for artisans online, Amazon in 2015 launched a niche, Amazon Handmade, to sell their hand-crafts. Though the name states itself it’s a collection of handmade goods, it mostly stores items in the watches and jewelry categories. Every artisan tends to pass the audit process and application for ensuring their products are genuinely hand-crafted or not.

Amazon Handmade is quite an option to consider for selling hand-crafted jewelry online as it removes the competition of cheap, generic jewelry sellers. Until the end of 2021, Amazon Handmade has got these free Professional selling plans (usually $39.99 per month) for artisans around the corner.

Amazon charges a 15% referral fee per item sold, so make sure the fees are worth a while if you are joining the platform. Apart from this, Amazon perks as being the largest online retailer in the United States and one of the biggest retail markets on world sales.

2. Etsy

When you are searching best place to sell handmade jewelry online, Etsy turns out to be the best for many people! Etsy today stands to be the most established and popular e-commerce platform for selling handmade goods, beating eBay and Amazon on their way to success.

Back in 2014 only, the market claimed to have over 54 million registered users – 1.4 million sellers and 20 million active buyers, making Etsy the darling of arts and craft in the retail world. If you measure, around a quarter of its 40 million unique listing options are jewelry items only, making this marketplace one of the best places to sell jewelry online.

The platform charges a $0.20 USD listing fee per item, so you have to make yourself stand out from the rest of the seller to make it worthwhile. Also, it adds a 5% transaction fee to the sale. Are you having jewelry businesses with smaller product lines? Get profitable earnings on Etsy by focusing less on logistics and more on customization.

3. Bonanza

When one’s looking for alternative options to Amazon and eBay, Bonanza is one choice. Do you know why Bonanza is one of the best places to sell jewelry online? Well, we went through a quick search to find 85,000 items listed under “hand-crafted jewelry”. The recently launched marketplace, Bonanza.com delivers the message “Everything but the ordinary”.

To build a successful selling on the Bonanza platform, craft some unique items that seem appealing to buyers. The best thing about the store is that it’s completely free to set up and charges a 3.5% commission from each sale amount, which adds more money to your account compared to other third-party stores.

You will find a diverse collection of styles ranging from vintage, fine, handcrafted, and more modern to what not. Alongside diamond, faux-diamond pieces, and other stones add minimalist charm to your accessory. Bonanza has similar tactics to eBay, so if you are already selling on eBay, it’s another way to expand sales. Since Bonanza mainly focuses on handmade, one-of-a-kind jewelry, your unique product and solid marketing can increase your potential growth on the platform.

4. Storenvy

Storenvy brings something out of the box with a combination of online marketplace and e-commerce for jewelry sellers online. The platform enables you to build your personalized store for free (no commission charges) and market it the way you like – make it custom, add your brand logos, sublines, and more.

Storenvy marketplace has all products from stores available on their platform. If a buyer purchases it through the marketplace, it charges a 10% commission on each product sale. And you know what the best of all is? If you have sent your store link via email to your regular customers and someone buys it, Storenvy charges no commission at all, as you didn’t get the sale through their platform.

5. Overstock

Count Overstock as a mini version of these giant marketplaces – Amazon and eBay – that still manages to serve more than 46 million customers with all categories and reversed variety. What’s more interesting, the analytics show that Overstock receives more than 30 million unique views per month.

Do you know what makes it one of the best places to sell jewelry online? Their fastest-growing verticals follow the Jewelry & Watches department as claimed by the Overstock platform itself. With diversity in styles – classic, punk, atheistic, trendy – comes diversity in personalities, which means sellers can get customers for simple, classic, and all other jewelry items. You can make money selling jewelry from home to earn extra pocket money.

Their online store covers all jewelry product types with maxing pricing of around $1000. Their offers on diamond, gold, and even hand-crafted products attract customer choices and budgets. Not a recommended option if you can create mass-produced jewelry items as it is not going to get you a killing amount. But for those looking best place to sell handmade jewelry online, this might be it – with a targeted audience and less competitive market.

6. eBay

Best Places to Sell Jewelry Online

To most people, eBay is a platform where junk and collectibles are on sale, but it is far more than selling holiday barbies and old electronic items. Ranking next to Amazon, eBay today is the second-largest online retail platform in the United States where sellers can optimize their listing and source jewelry to target buyers.

Some smart tactics like using strong logistics, mass production, maintaining large product catalogs, and reading eBay’s guide to selling jewelry can make you end as a successful seller. On eBay go through, we found many Southeast Asian jewelry sellers producing inexpensive fashion jewelry in a mass ratio for successful sales. The benefits do not end here! The platform offers an auction option for selling antiques or secondhand items that might end up adding more value to your items than you expected.

eBay stands as the best places to sell jewelry online where sellers compete on price values with multiplied uncertainty – at times leading the race, at times at struggling the bottom. Avail the benefits to receive plenty of opportunities on eBay’s marketplace covering two billion daily transactions, one billion active listings, and 180 million active buyers.

7. Sears

Finding the best places to sell jewelry online that are equally unique and fine rather than mass-produced jewelry. Sears marketplace seems like a long-time department store retailer offering less competition in operating a significant channel for jewelry distribution – both offline and online.

For those looking for a trusted option, Sears is one of the best places to sell handmade jewelry online to earn a bit of extra pocket money. Avail of this opportunity if you want to make a small profit without having to deal with international stuff by selling your hand-crafted jewelry locally as it is US-based totally.

The jewelry prices are ranged up high, reaching up to 4000 dollars as the Sear’s buyers are more accustomed to natural diamonds rather than cheap or fake alternatives like moissanite. Sears platform with some unique accessories and attractive ideas will surely add a boost to your rising platform.

8. Walmart

Walmart might not be the first option that you have in mind for selling jewelry online, but there is a reason why it is listed in the 15 best places to sell jewelry online. The rapidly growing US e-commerce market ranks Walmart in the top five with over 2.7 million product listings.

The Walmart success story doesn’t stop here when the talk is about online jewelry sales, Walmart marketplace ranks second – only next to Amazon. Although, Walmart’s online marketplace is more than similar to Sears, which means it is only open for US sellers and buyers. For sellers to add their success story on this platform, strong logistics and mass-produced jewelry lines are the key factors.

What’s new at Walmart? Walmart brings a different flavor to the sellers, unlike its competitors by putting a greater emphasis on quality pieces and natural stones. Though, the reason seems obvious why you find prices topping up at 3000 dollars on Walmart. Walmart not only supports sellers online but also partners up with them to create sub-brands. The recent revamp of its jewelry segment and its rapid growth in this industry make it a place where sellers want to be!

9. Ruby Lane

Do you want to make money selling jewelry from home? Ruby Lane marketplace focuses mainly on vintage collectibles, handmade jewelry, art, and antiques. Featuring similar to Etsy’s, Ruby Lane is ideal for sellers of one-of-a-kind and handmade jewelry and boutique. The marketplace is well-established with a loyal customer base, making it one of the best places to sell jewelry online.

The best thing about Ruby Lane is that it charges no commission fees. All you need to pay is a one-time setup fee, a $0.19 listing fee after the first ten listings, and a monthly maintenance fee. Don’t you find it appealing? Here creators of artisan, DIY and customizable jewelry don’t have to deal with competitors of mass production items and attract a targeted audience for your jewelry niche. Ruby Lane offers a distinct niche (targeted audience), passionate followings (less competition), and a homegrown community to all its sellers!

10. ArtFire

ArtFire platform is a Tucson-based popular marketplace for independent jewelry artisans, designers, and creators to sell their unique jewelry online. The best thing about the ArtFire marketplace is that it only costs pennies to add a listing of your accessories on sale – A standard shop that allows you to have up to 250 active listings at a time.

Another feature by ArtFire allows customers to post customizable ads listing items they want, potentially opens another source of income for a seller willing to accept these orders. If you want less competition and have unique jewelry pieces to sell, ArtFire is a worthy consideration.

11. Shopify

On a search to find the best places to sell jewelry online? Shopify works similar full-service online e-commerce platform, which enables sellers to set a fully functional jewelry site. Shopify features over 70 storefront themes to aid in building your professional accessory website to attract sales quickly and easily. The store also enables the facility of accepting credit card payments.

Open a basic Shopify account for $29 per month, which can later be updated as your business grows to require more staff accounts. The upgraded plan unlocks perks such as third-party shipping rates, detailed reports, and more. What’s more? Shopify even helps you to ship the product after it’s sold – send customers tracking updates, print discounted USPS shipping labels and more.

12. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a straightforward and inexpensive option in most countries to connect with local buyers. Without any surcharged fees, you can simply add a listing to the marketplace – make it public so that it is viewable by everyone.

You can do more from Facebook by creating your own page, where you can promote your handmade jewelry business and connect with customers online. Facebook marketplace is a selling platform and an excellent marketing tool to connect with local customers that fond of your goods.

13. Tictail

Ticktail is a newer launch yet manages to become a part of the 15 Best Places to Sell Jewelry Online list. Ticktail uses similar tactics to Storenvy, which allows you to create a website for free. The marketplace lists the items from your site and charges a 10% commission on every sale via their platform (note that no commission will be charged on direct sales from the site). If you are already selling on Stroveny and want something similar, then you will manage to get some pace on the Ticktail platform.

14. RebelsMarket

Are your designs edgy and not like any other? Do your accessories reflect funky styles like using bold chunky metals, etc.? RebelsMarket is one of those best alternative marketplaces to sell jewelry online where you find less competition and real artisan worth. The RebelsMarket approves your sales before you can build your own mini-store and list those accessories. Each sale on the platform charges a 15% commission.

15. Zibbet

Zibbet platform is designed in an organized way that makes it easy to navigate for prospective buyers, more similar to Etsy. Yet, it differs on the number of merchants where Esty leads with 1.8 million while Zibbet has only 50,000 merchants.

Zibbet charges no listing fees or commission, which means sellers can add unlimited product listings. Also, the established Etsy sellers get the benefit of copying their listed items from their existing Etsy store. It adds more exposure for artisans by allowing inventory sync from Pinterest and other such marketplaces apart from Etsy.

You can avail this opportunity as a beginner as the competition you find here is less than eBay or Etsy, meaning higher chances that your work will reach jewelry lovers. Zibbet also allows you to design your own custom domain that holds your products only – run this virtual shop that can list up to 50 items per month for a starter package on a monthly fee.

Gain Success in Selling Jewelry Online With Some Pro Tips

Now that you have learned about the best places to sell jewelry online, here is how you can become a pro seller on these sites. Are you excited to get successful sales? Let’s get started:

1. Avoid listing fake items

One of the simple yet often made mistakes by most sellers is listing fake products driving themselves and their customers into big grief. Get materials from genuine suppliers – the one’s suppliers who are members of the BBB (Better Business Bureau) – to avoid selling fake jewelry.

Selling cheap isn’t the thing, but selling quality is, and if you are caught selling knock-offs at any of the above places, you might end up losing your website. It could go even worse if the original brand owner charges a prosecution.

Assuming that everything goes fine, yet you won’t be getting any returning or loyal customers with this fraudulent item selling. Fake items can cause lots of problems, including rashes, color discharge, and more. So, it’s better to stay away from fake items.

2. Justify why buyers should choose your product over your competition

Selling jewelry is a norm these days, which means it is a pretty competitive market. To retain your place, it necessary you think of ways that differ you from other sellers before you set in your first foot! Selling of fair trade items can be one of the ways as those jewelry are made by true artisans working in safe and humane environments. 

Fair trade jewelry accepts the fact that it is made without child labor and turns out sustainable for the environment. The workers spending their days making hand-crafted jewelry are paid fair wages. A ‘Fair Trade’ label could take your brand to next level as the customers know its worth.

3. Run Facebook Advertising Campaigns with Strategic Plans

Facebook campaigns are marketing tools that if used wisely could add traffic to your site. Facebook ads efficiency can be determined by how precisely you can target your audience with demographics (age, gender, and location), liking, daily budget, and more. Ultimately, you will end up reaching those people you actually want to connect with your business or buy goods you’re your listings.

4. Keep It Consistent

Social media is a rising loop that can bring recognition to your business, as most people spend most of their time on social platforms. To remain in the loop and gain benefit from it, you must post content daily. Add pictures to your blog posts and daily status constantly on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

5. Provide In-Depth Product Information

Last but not least piece of knowledge is detailing! Of course, it shouldn’t run pages or paragraphs long as no customer will read it, thus try to add descriptive yet concise info for each jewelry item you sell. Most customers are concerned about weight, design, material, and more. You can add these detail with the jewelry piece to answer their queries. Again more perks like increasing your store reach ranking when you have a strong description. 

So what are your plans now? Ready to take the big leap into the jewelry industry with these 15 Best Places to Sell Jewelry Online. Share your experiences on these sites with us 🙂

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