7 Best Travel Jewelry Cases In 2021

Going on the trip is not that as easy as it sounds! Every traveler needs to select the essentials that are pack light-weighted to take along. Throwing everything in an unorganized manner isn’t the right option. To get stress-free, get everything into place by making dividers that prevent it from creating a massive mess.

Are you the one who loves to wear a matching stash of jewelry with their outfit for clicking awesome Gram photographs? To apprehend the perfect outfit, you need the perfect jewelry to make a perfect memory. What do you think?

Jewelry can even work out as a way to cut down on the number of outfits you are carrying on the trip. Such as a maxi dress that can be worn in the daylight with some dangling earrings by your side while let alone shine out in the night.

The real problem is with jewelry is that it gets tangled up pretty easily, and you might lose your favorite pieces while untangling them. To solve this problem, let’s catch with these best travel jewelry cases that keep your accessory organized so that your necklaces don’t roll up around those earrings.

Our top 7 picks for best travel jewelry cases:

  1. Lily & Drew Travel Jewelry Storage Case
  2. UnionPlus Velvet Travel Jewelry Case Roll BagTidybagz Jewelry Roll Bag
  3. GeLive 4 Layer Travel Jewelry Organizer Box
  4. Mele & Co. Dana Travel Jewelry Case
  5. Specialty Styles Travel Jewelry Case
  6. Vegan Leather Travel Jewelry Case

What Is A Travel Jewelry Case?

Travel jewelry cases are much more similar to those cosmetic pouches except for their highlighting feature that keeps your accessories organized – separate bars for earrings and rings – while you travel around to places or just want everything sorted at home.

Count Travel Jewelry cases as a fashion item that you carry anywhere around. Most of them are lined with inner fabric such as velour and suede, ultimately protecting your jewelry pieces from getting scratches. Thus keeps your accessories shiny and clean always!

Buy one according to your need and feasibility. If you want your jewelry to be more protective, try a hard case travel jewelry. Similarly, if you thinking of a weekend trip, choose a smaller one to carry some sparkling valuables along with you. However, those planning a month-long trip will definitely find a larger one more useful, featuring plenty of storage space in there.

Are you ready to shop? Then let us go through each of our picks in detail:

1. Lily & Drew Travel Jewelry Storage Case – Perfect for over packers

best travel jewelry case

Lily & Drew Travel Jewelry Storage Case features a removable pouch to add extra storage space. Facing trouble in selecting which to leave and which to take and simply can’t narrow down your options list? No worries Lily & Drew Travel Jewelry Storage Case has got your back, offering ample storage to keep all sized accessories within it.

Moreover, an extra removable pouch carrying some cosmetics and light jewelry. Size-wise, this travel jewelry case compensates six necklace holders that parts within pouches to prevent them from tangling, horizontal loop rings, two zipper pouches, and 28 earrings holes.

Talking about its exterior covering, the velvety lining protects it from tearing off, and the nylon layer acts as water resistance. Of course, that additional pocket on the outside to keep all necessary stuff!

  • Affordable
  • Lots of storage
  • Water-resistant exterior
  • Not as stylish as some other options

2. UnionPlus Velvet Travel Jewelry Case Roll Bag – Choice of Necklace and Bracelet lovers

best travel jewelry case

UnionPlus Velvet Travel Jewelry Case Roll Bag can handle 12 necklaces or bracelets at a time. Want to get rid of tangling each necklace before using it? Most of the cases lack this feature, but with UnionPlus Velvet Travel Jewelry Case, you can get a couple of necklaces on the trip. 

Unroll this travel case to reveal 12 button-closure holders to store your chunky pendants and precious delicate chains. Though, the case doesn’t seem attractive yet fulfills all needs of necklace obsessive who are planning to go on an abroad tour.

This jewelry case features a necklace version only! Yet you can look for other travel jewelry cases from this brand with a few changes offering spaces for earrings, rings, and other accessories. So, necklace lovers, we agree that it might not look cool, but the case is a worthy choice due to its easy to pack and flexibility.

  • Holds up to 12 necklaces
  • Flexible material
  • Velvet-like interior
  • Affordable
  • Only for necklaces or small bracelets

3. Tidybagz Jewelry Roll Bag – Simple and small jewelry holder

best travel jewelry case

Tidybagz creates home and luggage holders in all sizes and shapes. According to our experience, most of their products are roomy, compact, and add additional space with extra pockets. Tidybagz Jewelry Roll Bag features zipper dividers in various sizes to fill in different types of jewelry pieces.

Made with durable material, this travel jewelry case protects your watches, bracelets, rings, and necklaces from rusting and getting scratches. The transparency of pocket dividers aids in selecting accessories easily and quickly.

The handy hook sticking off the jewelry roll bag allows you to hang it inside your closet or bathroom counter. Also you can roll it up into a compact piece, which means you can just stuff it with fancy jewelry and watches as it has got limited space.

Despite having multiple pockets, the Tidybagz Jewelry Roll Bag makes sacrifices for space. Pick up those small and simple jewelry pieces to take along rather than pointy earrings, funky watches, and chunky jewelry as you might lack space then.

  • Clear partitions for a quick look at your items
  • Several compartments for different kinds of accessories
  • Light and compact
  • Limited space for chunky accessories
  • Only one color available
  • No locks for necklaces and long chains

4. GeLive 4 Layer Travel Jewelry Organizer Box – Resembles a regular jewelry stand

best travel jewelry case

Want something more like a regular jewelry stand? The GeLive travel jewelry case features a unique design in a way that resembles an accessory stand at your home. This product has all three dividers lined with silk material.

Out of the three, one compartment offers foam to hold earrings and rings in place. However, the other two dividers are empty spaces where you can store other accessories that you own. On the opening of each divider, it spreads out so that you can look into the case.

Size-wise, the travel jewelry case is 3 inches in diameter and 5 inches high with a snap closure. Comparatively, like other jewelry cases made with plastic, GeLive travel jewelry case is not much flexible and compact. Such that it can’t be stored in your purse or carry-on. Overall it’s quite sturdy, holding up a cylindrical shape.

  • Opens up to resemble jewelry stand
  • Relatively small size
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Very affordable
  • Not flexible, so space can be limited
  • No snaps or locks for necklaces and chains

5. Mele & Co. Dana Travel Jewelry Case – Luxury yet Reasonable

best travel jewelry case

Not that popular like others, Mele & Co. makes all sorts of jewelry cases and boxes with varying shapes, materials, colors, and sizes. Accompanied with corresponding prices, higher for those offering more space. One of their most selling Dana Travel Jewelry Case in Faux Leather is available at reasonable prices.

The case exteriors of Faux Leather make it look more luxurious while when opened reveals a mirror – a handy choice. By keeping the removable pouch aside, you can store your earrings and rings on the holders while other 4 dividers for storing watches, necklaces, and more…

Dana Travel Jewelry Case packs up into a compact 5 x 2 inch with a closed secure heart zipper handle for extra sass. You can easily carry this compact design in a carry-on or purse. The material used within it limits the storage for accessories.

It means that necklaces and bracelets might tangle up, but the small dividers and mirror dividers up to some extent reduces it. Noted that the compartments won’t fix at their place if too much pressure is put against its walls.

But yeah, the additional removable pouch works best to compensate for the problem. Not only is it flexible but efficient enough to provide space for watchers and bigger stuff.

  • Mirror is a definite plus
  • Removable pouch for irregularly shaped or chunky pieces
  • Compact compartments for minimal knotting of chains and necklaces
  • Compact and sleek design
  • Dividers not well-secured and may move with pressure
  • Case not flexible, so space may be limited

6. Specialty Styles Travel Jewelry Case – Store all kinds of jewelry

best travel jewelry case

Count Specialty Styles is another company that supplies its customers with organization products for both home and travel purposes. Specialty Styles Travel Jewelry Case features extra pouches and plenty of compartments to keep all kinds of jewelry items.

This accessory case offers four pairs of snap locks to keep your necklaces tangle-free. Such that it stores each pair of a necklace from top to bottom in place. Also, you can protect your pendants by covering them with protective flaps.

Not to end there, Specialty Styles Travel Jewelry Case has one flap to hold six earring pairs at a time, a foam roll stack your rings, three zipper dividers to hold other types of jewelry. Want to carry along chunkier items too? Well, then it’s two drawstring pouches to store such stuff but unfortunately won’t fit inside the case, which means you need to hold it along separately.

Colored in pink, this case seems a bit loud and tacky to a few individuals, but apart from that, the case is a perfect match for all jewelry kinds and can easily fit inside your carry-on or purse. Plus, one of the most lightweight holders of 5.6 ounces that doesn’t limit space.

  • Super lightweight and compact
  • Several compartments and locks for many types of accessories
  • Bonus pouches for chunky accessories
  • Available in only one and potentially tacky color

7. Vegan Leather Travel Jewelry Case – Looks say a lot more

best travel jewelry case

Searching for elegance in best travel jewelry cases? Why not check out the perfect travel companion – the Vegan Leather Jewelry Case. Not only does it offers a couple of knick-knacks for necklaces, but also provides an important pocket to keep the bottoms of pendants safe in place.

Want more protection? This case features extra protection with a zipper flap. No matter you roll, toss or scrunch the case, your necklaces will remain safe and tangle-free. With that, you also get two ring holders and one earring holder that secures with snap.

There are 3 other dividers to store small accessories like pins or simple bracelets. Talking about the material, this case is made with vegan leather that resembles the texture and durability of animal leather without causing any harm to animals.

Overall, Vegan Leather Jewelry Case sizes for about 1 inch in thickness and 7 inches in length seem more like a wallet, I would say. It means no space for storing bigger accessories like watches and other chunky pendants. Probably you will need to get another case for them!

  • Many compartments and locks for different kinds of jewelry
  • Thin and compact the size of a regular wallet
  • Animal friendly vegan leather material
  • Only suitable for small accessories
  • Only cream color available

To sum it all up:

Till today’s date, no travel jewelry case is capable of fitting every accessory that you own within it. So read carefully and try to pick the one that can hold those jewelry pieces that you want to take along!

Well, people travel to have fun and relax themselves from all sorts of stresses, so who would want to take along too many valuables that they become a headache to take care of and carry place to place. Still less space for carrying your accessories, then you might have to cut back on some as the lesser the stuff, the more stress-free you are!