Palladium vs 14k White Gold

palladium vs 14k white gold

Are you in search of a white metal alloy? Confused about which one to get – palladium vs 14k white gold? Well, we have got your back with a complete top to the bottom description of both metals! Either you want a better style, a durable structure, or affordable, we have got it all for you. … Read more

How to clean Jewelry? 10 DIY Hacks

How to clean Jewelry?

Jewelry remarks its value: Jewelry isn’t just an embellishment it’s a way of life; it shows our cultures and traditions, who we are and what we represent, and even our social status. Though the time we might be famous for telling tales, so is jewelry. The majority of the people find antique jewelry the most … Read more

Is 14k Italy Gold Chain Real or Fake?

Is 14k Italy Gold Chain Real or Fake?

Are you unsure that about 14K Italy Gold Chain authenticity and originality? Is 14k Italy real or maybe fake? Well, it matters because Gold is really precious and requires plenty of investment. With such varieties and classification in Gold, anyone can possibly get confused for selecting the best one out. 14k Italy is one of … Read more

Stainless Steel vs. Sterling Silver: Which is better?

Stainless Steel vs. Sterling Silver

Who doesn’t love jewelry, but when it comes to purchasing the right jewelry, not everyone is capable of making the right decisions. We often end up regretting our conclusion in the end. Both Stainless steel and sterling silver look familiar, and both flaunt shiny touch, but those who have deeply experienced their differences know which … Read more