Cuff Smart Jewelry Review: Should You Buy?

Heard about the smartwatches, but if the technology is inserted into fancy smart jewelry. And what if you got this all at an affordable price? Cuff smart jewelry review has got smarter technology, making our lives easier and productivity rise in our daily work.

How about being stylish with upgraded technology features locked inside a piece of jewelry? For some wearing Galaxy Wear is not like their style. These smart jewelry can be worn, with any matching outfits without being caught.

Cuff co-founder Deepa Sood

Cuff founder Deepa Sood, former VP of product development at Restoration Hardware, owns a company that produces women’s fashion jewelry and accessories, which works through a pop-out Bluetooth device.

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Deepa Sood showed her piece of jewelry to the social media named CuffLinc. The device enables simple notifications and security alerts at quite an affordable cost.

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How it works with the fashion statement?

Cuff smart jewelry review

How accessible it would be if the stylish pendant or golden bangle turns into a wearable tech that alerts you every time someone needs your help. The Cuff smart jewelry proves us that high technology does not mean comprising with fashion.

On ordering these high technology jewelries, you receive 18 jewelry pieces for multiple accessory options, including key chains, pendants, leather, and metal bracelets. Somewhere hidden from the view can be placed a CuffLinc module, which pairs with smartphones via Bluetooth, vibrating each time when you receive a haptic notification. Currently, the Cuff’s line-up holds nine pieces each, with two different styles of finishes.

The interchangeable module can be fitted, inside any pendant, keychain, or bracelet without sticking for any one particular fashion. The prices are not incredibly high for these pieces. The website prices range from $50 to $150 depending on design with included Cufflinc module (a $30 device, according to the preorder page).

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Let us search through the way it works. Initially, you need to set up the Cuff network, which holds some of your reliable contacts when in urgent need. The person in our Cuff network can contact by sending an alert from the Cuff mobile app.

This alerting technique is useful for those who place their phones inside their massive bags. The smartphones keep ringing about, but they are unaware of this because of the background noises. It will be more convenient for you to get notified each time a person is trying to contact you just by a buzz on your wrist.

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The Cufflinc is of great use when to alert people in your network. Now, assuming that you are in an uncertain tragedy or danger like a serious car accident on the motorway. All you need to do is to give a long extended press to your smart jewelry and loved ones in your Cuff network will be immediately notified through an SOS containing your current geolocation and all necessary information programmed for an emergency situation.

The necessary information can include any life-risking allergies, blood type, or the type of information that is actually helpful in an emergency.

Furthermore, the smart jewelry features instant messaging to anyone in our network without hassling with your phone, just by pressing five different pre-programmed Cuff presses. Let us better understand through some real-life examples. 

Cuff smart jewelry review

The two quick presses can symbolize as a message sender to your husband that you’re on your way home. Likely, the other way around is that the three quick presses could send a message to your daughter’s Cuff app explaining that you are trying to reach her.

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The battery coin integrated inside the Cufflinc boosts usage of around a year’s time. Saves from time as you don’t need to worry about charging the piece regularly. Another smart feature is an Accelerometer that measures the change in velocity. Although, this feature was inactive at the time of its launch.

Long-term market competition

The future goal for successful implementation is by developing Cuff-compatible products from accessory makers and fashion designers.

Benefits brings sidelines too

Cuff smart jewelry review

We are busy in our everyday life when we often encounter a situation where we are unable to attend a call. For instance, driving, work-out at the gym, class lectures, and many more. Likely, we also want to be aware of our boss’s call or messages, or the goodwill of our spouse, best friend who is away on holidays.

You will be instantly notified when you will receive a message from anyone in your CUFF network. Now you can decide how to respond to that certain message. Just imagine that you have a personal secretary that keeps you connected all the time. The best part of all, you can unplug it any time you want to complete freedom.

Although such benefits can sometimes go the other way around. Obviously, there is quite a chance that you might send false alarms to your CUFF network. In that case, the device will vibrate to signal that your message has been sent. Therefore it can be corrected by going to your phone and disarm the alert.

Another con that comes along this technology is that the coin battery isn’t user-replaceable. It means that after a year when the battery dies, the jewelry owner will need to spend on buying a new CuffLinc module for $25.

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Increase Productivity in Style

Each accessory of the CUFF smart jewelry is different for the other with the thought that we all have a different style and fashion choices that go with the look. This massive CUFF collection can go with any outfit, making you look the prettiest in each.

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Moreover, Cufflinc is detachable and can be ported from piece to piece, which renders remaking of wearable-tech style to customize whatever dress is decided for the day.

Overview of CUFF smart jewelry

The upcoming Cuff technology has proved to us that we need more things in our lives apart from smartphones, notebooks, and tablets. A stylish piece that holds security, reliability, and comfort when connecting to your loved ones for support and help. Time to jump into a fashionable world full of high-tech environments!

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