This is an ultimate guide on daith piercing! You will get to read everything about it.

Piercings are considered as one of the fundamental pillars of fashion. Piercings have been in the game of style for years. People love to have piercings on their different body parts, especially on the face, and they like to show off the jewelry pieces in that way as well.

There are different types of piercings like nose piercing, eyebrow piercing, lip piercing. One of the most common and likable piercings is ear piercing. It is considered one of the most ancient piercings as well. According to history, ear piercings became a symbol of fashion 5000 years ago. This information was collected when a 5000 years old mummy was discovered. It had the signs of ear piercings.

Piercings have always been a significant part of different cultures, religions, and traditions. Some specific jewelry or stones has a great religious significance. People like to mold those stones and fit them into different types of jewelry. They then want to wear that jewelry on the most prominent part of their bodies to enhance their features. They do this to show that they are devoted to their religion and represent their cultures. Daith piercings became likable because of how beautiful they seem on one’s face.


Daith piercing
Daith piercing

Among the ear piercings, nowadays, the most famous type of piercing is the Daith piercing. Daith piercing is in the top trends for a few years. It was first performed by the talented piercer Erik Dakota in the year 1992. Firstly people were not aware of this kind of piercing. The most popular piercings were ear piercings, nose piercings. People never wanted to take any risk that involved their face. But as soon as daith piercing came up to the surface, it took the whole fashion industry by storm. Some sources tell that it was named to rhyme the word faith. However, the piercer called it as doth. So the combination of both of the terms resulted in this unique name daith.

There are many cartilage folds inside our ears. The Daith piercing is done by making a hole in the smalled fold of cartilage inside the ear. Daith piercing is regarded as one of the most challenging piercings to perform because, during the process, the piercer has to make a hole in the thick cartilage. To make it simpler, daith piercing is done just above the tragus of the ear. It can be performed on only one ear or both of the ears. It is all about how the client wants it.

People who love daith piercings find strength in wearing them. They relate daith piercings with their aesthetics and try to give meaning to them. Most commonly, death piercings are regarded as a symbol of straightforwardness and passion. The people who wear Daith piercings are considered very goal-oriented and full of courage as this piercing is included in one of the most challenging piercings to perform, so people like to wear it and showcase it as a symbol of strength.


Daith piercings are no ordinary piercings; they have significant health benefits as well. Yes! A piercing having a good impact on health. It is known to cure many incurable diseases that we would discuss below. Considering all these things in mind, we can call daith piercings magic piercing because it is magical like its name.


Daith piercing
Daith piercing

 Daith piercings took the piercing business by the storm when some of the people reviewed it differently. They said that their daith piercing relieved them of their migraine pain.  It was a piece of shocking and astonishing news. Doctors and researchers started to work on it to find out whether it’s true or not.

Migraine is a very painful disease. It is also known as half headache. In this situation, a person’s half head is in severe pain. If this pain is not relieved in time, half of the face and jaws are also in pain after some hours. It is indeed very painful. There is no permanent cure for migraines. There are only some methods by which one can relieve the pain. Daith piercings can also be one of them.

Dith piercing can be regarded as a non-conventional method of acupuncture. Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese method that works on pressure points of the body. The human body has many susceptible pressure points. If some pressure is put on those pressure points, it can help one to relieve anxiety and pain. It can also relax and stimulate some hormones. In the method of acupuncture, needles are inserted in these pressure points. This is a very reliable method to relieve pain.

The human ear also has many pressure points. The area above the tragus also has a pressure point. So people who had their daith piercing done on that same point have felt a noticeable relief in migraine pain. Due to this fantastic discovery, daith piercing migraines was considered as a blessing. People started to get it more often.

Now, if we look deep into the process, are daith piercing migraines the real thing? In reality, it all depends on the piercer. He is not a doctor. Some piercers manage to perform the piercing at the exact pressure point; it keeps that point compressed and relieves the clients suffering from migraine from pain. If daith piercing is not done precisely, it would cause no relief; instead, it can add more to the pain. Researchers mostly regard the effect of Daith piercing as a placebo effect. Daith piercing is not the natural way of doing acupuncture. Still, it indeed involves the usage of needles somewhere near the pressure point. So this thing might let people think that their pain is relieved from Daith piercing.

Otherwise, there is no official research statement like daith piercing will surely relieve one from migraine pain. If that happens, the piercer legally has to take permission from the doctor or be a certified practiced piercer. Because in that case, he is not only performing a piercing, but he is also working to relieve one from migraine pain.


Getting a Daith piercing is not easy. It requires you much patience. It is very painful as compared to the other piercings. People have different capacities for pain. Some people can endure so much pain, while some people could not bear a small prick of a needle. So the extent of pain depends on a person’s capacity that how much pain he could bear.

 Most of the ear piercings, like lobe piercing or nose piercing, are not that painful. Because those piercings are performed on the soft parts, most of the time, it feels like a sharp shot for a few seconds, and then the area gets numb. One does not feel that much pain after it.

However, the Daith piercing pain is on another level. It has its reasons behind it. This piercing is done on the thick piece of cartilage, not a soft part. Cartilage is a type of bone, most commonly known as soft bone. Although it is not as hard as a natural bone, it is still way more complicated than the flesh. Due to this reason, daith piercings healing time require relatively more time than the other piercings because the piercer has to make a hole through the cartilage. It is painful for sure. According to a survey, in comparison of Daith piercing with other ear piercings, daith piercing had a pain level of 6.

One cannot vanish the pain after daith piercing because it is impossible. Yet, there are many ways according to which a person can somehow reduce the pain.

  • One should apply a numbing cream on the area before going for the piercing.
  • One should always go for an experienced and certified piercer for Daith piercing. He would always do his work with proper care. He would make sure that the client doesn’t feel much pain.
  • One should take a painkiller before the piercing so that he doesn’t feel much pain.
  • One should always engage himself in some other activity during the process so that he may get distracted when the daith is pierced. He should listen to songs in order to distract himself.
  • One should never drink alcohol before getting a Daith piercing.
  • One should stay away from drinking alcohol before getting a Daith piercing.
  • One should always keep their hair out from getting into the way of ear dring the piercing. If one does not care for such things, their piercings shall become a disaster for them.
  • Some people do not eat anything before getting pierced—this is wrong. One should eat something before going for daith piercing as it would provide them energy.                                 

The healing time of Daith piercing depends on the ability to the recovery of one’s body. But as we know that the Daith piercing is not that common and is a very tough task. It may require a time period f 6-9 months. Yes! That is true. Daith is a very sensitive part, and it requires proper care. Usually, the ear piercings heal in a time span of2-3 weeks, but daith piercing comparatively requires more time.

Daith piercing involves the piercing of cartilage by the use of different needles. This area is comparatively very slow to heal. One has to stop the bleeding. The tissues are also torn. That’s why the healing of Daith piercing takes a lot of time.

The piercer always provides the client with a set of after-care instructions. The clients should take those instructions quite seriously. Following these instructions would help them make the healing process fast and save them from any future infections.


Performing a Daith piercing is not an easy task. It requires skill, experience, focus, and time of the piercer. Moreover, it can be risky as well sometimes. So the one performing this piercing has to take care of every minute detail to perform the piercing without any trouble. Generally, the Daith piercing price usually ranges from $30 to $50.


Any kind of piercing requires special care. Piercing involves tearing down of tissues and requires bleeding. One is altering their body by getting a piercing. He or she should make sure that everything takes place with proper care. The piercings are not surgeries, nor are they performed in the complete hygienic environment of hospitals. So the one who is trying to get a piercing should always take care of the following points.

  • One should make sure that the piercer is a highly experienced and professional person. He knows what he is doing.
  • One should not care about the cost and always go to the best place for this purpose.
  • One should always consider the reviews of the place where they want to go to get the Daith piercing. This is important because once a lousy piercing is done, nothing can make it up again.
  • One should always check the cleanliness of the studio.
  • The piercer should take proper steps before doing a piercing.
  • He should clean his hands and apply the sanitizer.
  • He should clean the targeted area with some antiseptic.
  • He should wear gloves during the whole procedure.
  • He should carefully examine the ear before the procedure and mark the point with a marker.
  • The client should make sure that all the stuff that the piercer is using is thoroughly sterilized.
  • The piercer should not use already used material on the client.
  • The client should think carefully before getting a Daith piercing. They should consider the fact that the piercing would completely change their look afterward. He should be sure of the decision that they are making because, after the piercing, there is no turning back.


Daith piercing
Daith piercing

If one thinks that his job is done after getting a Daith piercing, then he is entirely wrong. We wish if this process was this easy. But unfortunately, such is not the case. If they are of any type, Piercings require great care because it is a type of minor surgery. On an average basis, the minimum time needed to heal a piercing is 2-3weeks. If one cannot take proper care of the piercing after getting it done. He can put himself in great danger and risk his health. There are following steps that one must follow as aftercare.

  • It is recommended to apply saline water to promote healing. Saline water is basically a mixture of distilled water and non-iodized salt. This solution works best if warmed slightly above average temperature. Then you need to put this solution in any kind of cup-shaped pot or glass and can use cotton to soak in the solution and apply it to the affected area. This solution acts as a mild antiseptic. It kills the germs around it and is not harsh on the skin. It does not irritate the skin well nor causes any type of redness.
  • Even if we wash our hands, there are millions of germs. Do not touch the daith several times. Otherwise, many pathogens infect the daith. It would help if you disinfected your hands before touching them.
  • The pierced area must be cleaned daily. The person getting the piercing should know how to clean a daith piercing properly.
  • One should take painkillers after getting the Daith piercing in order to relieve them from the terrible pain.
  • Cartilage is a type of bone that has no flow of blood. That’s why it would take a comparatively longer time to heal, and as a result, it would require a lot of time in aftercare as well.
  • While changing clothes, one must be very careful. Sometimes the daith piercings stick into the threads of the clothes, and with pressure, it can rip off tearing down the skin resulting in a lot of bleeding.
  • The same is the case with hair. This precaution is for the girls whose hair comes down all along till their shoulders or sometimes even lower. They carelessly handle their hair and put them at the back of their ear. Now, this hair can tangle with the piercing disturbing the sensitive thin layer formed around the piercing. It is advised that such girls should tie their hair in a tight ponytail till their piercing is completely healed.
  • Hair also has a lot of germs on them as well. So one should wash their hair after every second day with shampoo. One should always make sure that the ingredients used in the shampoo are not irritating. Using a mild shampoo would be the best option.
  • Similarly, in case of spraying something on the face, one should take great care of his piercing. He or she should cover the area adequately before spraying. Maybe some irritating substances in that spray can cause an infection on the site of piercing and delay the healing time.
  • Girls tend to cover every part of their face while doing makeup. They do so that their complexion is even-toned. For this process, they put makeup on their face and their neck and ear. Well, this step should be avoided at every cost. The makeup can irritate the site.
  • One most important step that one should take is when someone sleeps. People tend to sleep on different sides of their bodies. But in the case of Daith piercing, one should never rest on the same side at which he got the piercing. This will actually put a tremendous amount of pressure on the piercing and can delay the healing process.
  • One should always clean their phone screens regularly with a good sanitizer. The phone screen contains a lot of germs that can cause an infection if they come in contact with the vulnerable site. People who wear glasses should clean them properly in order to keep that area safe.
  • One should always clean their headphones as ear pods daily. They should be very careful before putting them in the ears.
  • People who wear scarves or hijab must wash them daily.
  • People should wash their pillowcases regularly.
  • One should never keep long nails after getting the piercing. The sharp end on the nails may dislocate the clot formed over that area.


Sometimes when people don’t take the aftercare steps seriously, they get an ear infection. There are many reasons behind why a piercing goes wrong and why It gets infected.

  • Sometimes the piercers do not take proper safety measurements. It happens when they are not skilled enough. It causes the piercing to go wrong after some time.
  • The clients are very careless about their piercings. This thing can also cause the piercing to go wrong, or it becomes the cause of infection.
  • Sometimes the body rejects the piercing. This also happens. And it is also of the most significant causes of ear infection due to daith piercing.


There are many symptoms by which one can guess that there is an infection at the piercing site.

  • That specific area starts icing.
  • There is continuous pain.
  • There is a continuous headache.
  • The affected area starts to bleed again and again.
  • Brown fluid starts to ooze out from the site.


Some people consider infection at the piercing site a very normal thing, but to be honest, it is not. It may have the following side effects.

  • A person may get a fever from that infection.
  • By infection, a body is vulnerable to many kinds of diseases, and many bacteria can attack the body from the infected site. The ear is connected to the nose as well as the throat of a human body. So any infection in the ear may become the reason for infection in the nose and throat.
  • If the reason behind the infection is the use of unsterilized needles and tools of the pierces, then the person who got the piercing is in extreme danger. He can get auto immunodeficiency syndrome, commonly known as aids. He becomes vulnerable to deadly viruses and diseases like covid and hepatitis.


As soon as one feels uncomfortable or recognizes the symptoms, he should rush to the doctor as fast as he can. There are other solutions that can cure the minor infection of pierced areas.

  • One can take antibiotics as a precaution.
  • One should put an ice cube gently over the infected area.
  • One should not try to move the jewelry.
  • One can put some ointment (only the ones that the doctors prescribe) to relieve them from the itchiness.
  • Make sure that the ointments do not contain alcohol.


Changing daith piercing can be a big challenge. The people who have experienced it know that it is not an easy task. Before changing the piercing, one should check whether the pierced area is completely healed or not. This process requires a lot of patience. But it all depends o how passionately one takes care of the piercing after getting it. So to be straightforward, it is all about aftercare.

People who get their daith piercing are most of the time very excited and eager to change the jewelry and show them off to the people around them. No doubt daith piercing jewelry is that lush that no-one can keep them away from it for a long time. Following are the steps to follow while changing the jewelry.

  • Wash your hands and use sanitizer to ensure no traces of germs and bacteria on your hands.
  • Dry your hands and fingers thoroughly.
  • People with long nails should do these steps with full care. Otherwise, they can end up hurting themselves.
  • Touch the area around the piercing to make sure that it doesn’t hurt anymore.
  • Now rub your fingers in order to produce heat and touch the piercing.
  • Try to move it according to the direction in which the jewelry can move slightly.
  • Slowly move it again and again in the left-right and up-down direction. Be very careful during this step.
  • If the jewelry moves without hurting or any sort of redness, you can change the piercing now.
  • If the area of piercing starts to hurt, then immediately stop it. It means the area needs more time to heal.


People always want to select the best and unique type of jewelry for them off. Different kinds of jewelry have much religious and cultural significance. Apparently, jewelry is a tiny thing. Still, it can mean a lot to the people who wear them. They want to show their personalities via their selection of jewelry.

There are many types of daith jewelry in the market. Some of them as mentioned as

Daith Piercing Hoops

It is said that not trust a person who does not like hoops. Hoops are one f of the most common and elegant jewelry of all time. One can wear anything and accessorize the look by wearing hoop jewelry, and voila! The look is completed. There are hoop earrings and hoop nose rings. Now imagine how elegant these hoops would look in place of Daith piercing. There are many types of daith piercing hoops like one bead bound hoop. This hoop contains one beautiful and in it making it even, more elegant and ravishing. It is also called a captive bead hoop. It is very easy to wear and is literally painless.

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Daith Piercing Clicker Ring

The clicker piercing ring comes in many shapes. They can be round or semi-round. They are the embodiment of elegance. One can never go wrong with his choice of selecting a clicker ring for his piercings. But one should never choose the clicker rings for their first piercing because their design makes them a bit heavy. It can cause a bit of unusual pressure on the ear of the piercing site.

Daith Heart Shaped Rings

This daith ring should be crowned as a queen of all daith rings. It makes one’s ear look royal. The hear shape aligns along with the curved shape of the ear, giving such a sleek and royal effect. It is very weightless and straightforward in design. It is easy to wear and can prove to be the best choice for the people who are beginners.

Daith Barbell Jewellery

This jewelry seems that it would be very difficult to wear. Well, no! This is the daith jewelry that can be accessorized with many stones and gems. This makes it not a good choice for beginners in the new era because they are already struggling with aftercare, and these barbells can tangle with their clothing. It is the best choice for those people whose piercings are adequately healed.


This is one of the most challenging tasks to select the jewelry made up of the best material. The jewelry material matters a lot because the jewelry has to go through the part of the human body practically. The more the best material, the lesser are the chances of getting an infection. Following are the points that one should consider regarding the material of jewelry.

  • Do not try to save money when buying jewelry. If one piece is made up of the best material and is a bit expensive, then just spend on it because it is for your own benefit. The color of the jewelry should not wear off. Be very considerate while buying the gold plated or silver plated jewelry because most of the plating wears off with time or with exposure to water, causing infections.
  • The best material for daith jewelry is titanium. It has its own reasons behind it. Titanium is basically an inert metal. It does not tend to react with other metals; hence it is very safe to wear. Titanium is quite expensive.
  • The second-best material for daith jewelry is stainless seel. It is not that expensive and readily available as well. The simple stainless steel is also very inert. It does not initiate any kind of allergic reaction. The material is also very comfortable to wear. Its sleek shiny material gives it a very traditional look that one can carry with any type of clothes.
  • Apart from titanium and stainless steel, there are other suitable jewelry materials; out there as well. No matter what type of material one chooses, just make sure that it is free from nickel and lead. Nickel and lead are some of the most irritating elements. The cheap jewelry mainly contains nickel and lead inside them. Nickel and lead are the leading causes of the infections that happen after the changing of jewelry.



Daith piercing
Daith piercing

This piece is made up of titanium, making it the best choice in the selection of jewelry; as it is made up of titanium, it is safe to wear. It will cause no irritation and harm to the piercing area. Moreover, it can be used by men and women. It adds diversity to its use. This ring has known as a captive ring as it has only one bead that is fixed n its place. This feature makes it very easy to handle and easy to clean as well. It is very light weight and completes the look of people who like minimalistic things.

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Daith piercing
Daith piercing

It is made up of 316L stainless steel, making it very safe to wear. Its heat shape adds to the cuteness as well as elegance of the ring. The curve of the heart perfectly aligns with the curve fear and makes it look even more aesthetically pleasing. It is very easy to wear and is very light on the ears. It is available in size of 16 gauze that is around 1.2millimetres. A barbell is also included to give it a fancy look. A butterfly is also designed on the edge of the ring, looking like a cherry on the top.

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Daith piercing

As the name explains, it is also made up of stainless steel, making it a safe choice to wear even on a daily basis. One has not to be careful about it all the time. It is made up of 316L stainless steel. Its gauge size is 16G. It has septum clickers with a hinge that can open and close quickly. It is not that expensive in price and is very comfortable to wear on a daily basis.

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Daith piercing

It is made up of 316L stainless steel. The material is the best and is safe for the ears as well. It does not contain any trace of lead or nickel inside t. it is very sleek and simple in design, making it the best choice for the beginners to wear. It is weightless and comfortable to wear.

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Daith piercing

Simple hoop with a beautiful cluster design shows that the designer specifically designed this earring as a statement piece. It is made up f stainless steel making it a comfortable, safe, and affordable pick. It has a very sleek and minimalistic design. Its Inner gauge diameter is 10MM. Its bar thickness is around 16G/1.2MM. It is the best choice for people who have sensitive skin.

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Daith piercing

It is made up of hypoallergenic stainless steel. It is the best pick for people who have sensitive skin. They can wear it comfortably without any difficulty. It is available in different colors. It can be modeled in the septum as well. It comes packed in a cute bag.

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Daith piercing

It is made in a heart shape that adds more elegance to this piece. It is made up of very wearable material. It seems a bit lavish, but it is very comfortable to wear. It is a good choice for daith as well as tragus piercings.  Its Cartilage Gauge is around 16 gauge that is about 1.2 millimeters. Its Length is almost 3/8 inch which makes it around 10 millimeters.

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Daith piercing

It is made up of 316L steel, making It an ideal choice for women to wear. Its Paved CZ Cartilage is best designed for the right ear, and its Heart Shape CZ has been designed for the Left Ear. The specific design shows that how much thought the designers have put into making this jewelry. Its Bar Size is around 16Gauge, which is in other words equal to1.2mm.

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Daith piercing

This clicker ring s made up of pure gold. Pure gold shows the taste and elegance of who wears it. It is sleek in design which represents the straightforward personality of one who wears it. This ring is a clicker ring eas t handle. It is a good choice for beginners because it is easy to open and close. This ring is a perfect pic for people who are into a minimalistic look. This ring is nickel free.

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Daith piercing

It is a captive ring with fixed fire opals. The stainless steel body and the magnificent fire opals are giving it such a royal appearance. It’s a bit heavy on its design, so it is perfect for the people whose pierced area is completely healed.

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Piercing always represents the courage and strength in one’s personality. They show that a person can go far to outshine his personality. Daith earrings indeed are one of the riskiest and elegant piercings. It represents the risky nature of person who wears it. Seeing so many beautiful designs and benefits, one cannot restrain himself from getting a Daith piercing. Every piercing requires after care so do this one as well. Although this piercing is a kind of risky one because it is near the pressure points but if done by an experienced piercer it can prove to be the best decision of one’s life.