Helzberg Diamonds Review 2020: How Good?

Are you confused and want a piece that worth its price. No doubt, Helzberg diamonds have an iconic collection that makes a fashion statement on their behalf, influencing many others with their design and quality. Yet, the question arises that the same jewelry is available from other online diamond vendors (the Blue Nile or Brian Gavin Diamonds) for a much lesser cost.

Brief History of Helzberg Diamonds  

Helzberg Diamonds is one of the oldest business chains in America that have gone over a century. They recently celebrated their centennial and now are 105 years old. Helzberg opened its first store in Kansas in 1915. Later its spread reached the mid-Western force with 15 locations by 1958.

The business foundations were laid by Morris Helzberg, but his sickness prevented the company from flourishing in the early years. The company was later sold in the market to Warren Buffet by Barnett Helzberg Jr. in 1995. Today, the chain has expanded to more than 200 stores all across the United States of America.

Serving their customers with features products over the years – prestigious bridal jewelry, personalized rings, and diamond and gemstone jewelry.

Helzberg Jewelry Reviews – Product category overview

Helzberg Diamonds Review

Engagement Rings

When looking for engagement rings, Helzberg has got plenty of options for ring designs. Picking up for from the traditional round solitaire ring designs to the more elegant emerald, you can find everything in the collection.

Although their name underlines the sale of diamonds, the stores carry tons of gemstone rings such as topaz, rubies, amethyst, and other types of birthstones. What’s more, the Helzberg Diamonds also sell branded diamond cuts like the Royal Asscher and Crisscut.

Helzberg Diamonds Engagement Rings from Amazon


Want your special day to turn out the best? Of course, the branded collection of Helzberg may have just the right thing for you. Either you want a simple one or the one with incredible detailing, they have got all. The starting price ranges about $200 and then scaling upwards, depending on the merchandise.

Want to present a kind gesture by getting a gift of appreciation to your helpers and loved ones, Helzberg collection is the one who would love to check out. They offer a gifting selection for parents, bridesmaid, and groomsmen.

Helzberg Diamonds Wedding Rings from Amazon


The company has numerous multiple options like earrings, bracelets, studded, necklaces, and many more!

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Create Your Own

Helzberg Diamonds Review

The trendy feature these days is to customize your own piece of jewelry with your thoughts. Like any other jewelry site, Helzberg also a part of the trending track. Design your jewelry in multiple ways through this option.

Startup by selecting a diamond or another gemstone for your ring, or by setting up the base set. The massive blend of options opens the box of imaginations and ideas. Although, this standard feature is offered by almost any jeweler in today’s world.

The Ultimate shopping experience

The upgrading technology these days have made accessible for anyone to sell diamonds online. Yet, the customer standard service, product quality, interactive platform with detailed knowledge about each product set apart from other vendors.

The Helzberg diamonds have multiple varieties of settings and designs in their collection that choosing a loose diamond or diamond engagement ring from their website becomes quite a tough job. Even a seasonal shopper like me couldn’t pick it up easily.

Comparative to other online vendors such as James Allen, who uses interactive videos and close-ups to present their diamonds, Helzberg Diamonds are lagging online user experience such that how a diamond is sold online.

Although upgraded over the years, they do have listings with “3D views”, where a Sarine scan is available for the diamond. Plus, in COVID-19, where people are bound to their home, Helzberg offers an online appointment with the diamond experts that help you select the best for you.

Moreover, Helzberg diamonds offer a service that allows you to preview up to any two loose diamonds instore for no cost. It’s how they try to compensate their online sales with physical store ones. For sure, have better customer service to value their loyal clients.

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Helzberg Masterpiece Diamond Review

Helzberg Diamonds Review

Next in the line, the Helzberg Diamond Masterpiece series, ideally known for serving cut diamonds with AGS certificates. I personally love AGS graded diamonds because scientific methods are used in the laboratory to grade a diamond’s cut quality and light performance.

When treating yourself with a super ideal cut diamond, search through the tangible data in order to verify a company’s claims on the quality of the diamond. I would probably go with hearts and arrows diamond and ASET images to analyze light performance while the Ideal scope images to verify light return properties.

Let us move towards the analytical review of Helzberg Diamond Masterpiece jewelry pieces. The downfall of the pieces concludes crucial tangible data that aren’t available on the website. Another default includes the lesser options available for the customers when they are choosing to buy Helzberg Diamond Masterpiece online.

Thirdly, you cannot select and choose the diamond on your wish, just go with whatever available diamond specs they stated. It wouldn’t be a good choice if you are looking for some amendments like VS2 clarity or an IF clarity for symbolic reasons or maybe an E color diamond sticking on the top rather than the originally designed one. 

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Does Helzberg use GIA Certification?

Our detailed study didn’t find out any traces pf GIA certification for the diamonds. Yet, some of their branded diamonds are certified with AGS.

Price Comparisons of Helzberg Diamonds and Other Retailers

Catching up with the competitive analysis on the diamond price of different vendors in the market. Well, when buying a costly piece, everyone is worried about the size of their wallet. Certainly, one would remain in the criteria of their budget when buying an engagement ring! Let us move ahead to find out the prices tags hanging along those prestigious & shiny Helzberg Diamond’s engagement ring:

Comparing, the Helzberg Diamonds with one of its competitors James Allen on the price tags. We picked out a pave setting with a 1-carat center stone from the Masterpiece series. To add this similar Helzberg engagement ring specification included I color and SI2 clarity diamond costing $11,999.

On the other hand, we selected a Platinum Petite Pave Engagement Ring with a more similar design to Helzberg and choose a top-notch AGS ideal cut diamond with H color and SI2 clarity of 1.06 carat.

By tapping on the overall review of the rings, we concluded with the total cost of $1,230 + $5,670 = $6,900. The evident difference in amount can be seen in the total costs of each. James Allen has got a higher quality diamond (H color compared to Helzberg’s I color) on the engagement ring for a significantly lower cost.

We also made another comparison of prices between Helzberg and the White Flash using one of the solitaire ring from the Masterpiece series pricing around $3,399 with AGS certified diamond (I color and SI2 clarity) in the center.

While at White Flash, we topped a diamond with higher specification because the same one wasn’t available. Therefore, compared with a simple solitaire setting made from 18k white gold costing a total of $545 + $1,697 = $2,242.

When compared to the overall budget, the White Flash higher quality ring, which costed 50 percent lesser than the price of Helzberg one. The online retailers, such as White Flash and James Allen, offer lower prices, with better efficiency of managing inventory rather than the traditional vendor.

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Overview of Our Helzberg Diamonds Review – Overall summary

Helzberg Diamond is a reputable business company running in the veins of America, having a massive retailing when talking about the jewelry market in the country. These days’ customers are more comfortable with shopping online with e-commerce technology, and Helzberg Diamonds have got much to catch up with.

Generally speaking, Helzberg is a great choice when looking for smaller items like jewelry gifts. Honestly, when it’s about important and costly purchases like an engagement ring, Helzberg is not a preferable choice due to their higher prices and lacking services in the market.

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