How to clean gold plated jewelry?

Here we enlist 5 ways to clean gold plated jewelry.

Selecting a set of jewelry from a diverse collection is not an easy task. Buying the finest quality solid gold jewelry may leave your pockets empty. Gold plated jewelry is not only popular among fashionistas but also an option for buying cost-effective jewelry.

Either it is a gold plated ring or a personalized name bracelet, you can have a variety of innovative intricate shapes with silver or brass at the base. But the base metals might start to wear out, causing a thin layer of luster on the top of the gold jewelry.

Since everyone wants their jewelry to be just as perfect as always, all you need to do is taking some extra care. Well, it may sound like an additional task, but in reality, it won’t take much time of yours. Here are some tips for maximizing its lifespan and restoring its lost luster and shine.

Prevention from chemicals that turns the jewelry dull

Are you a beauty lover and want your gold plated jewelry to remain clean and shiny for a longer time? We often love to apply hand full of creams and lotion to your skin so that it maintains glow and softness. These creams might often contain chemicals that can tarnish the thin layer of gold on your jewelry.

So, when applying these products next time, make sure that the lotion is completely dried or absorbed by the skin before you wear these beautiful gold plated ornaments.

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Are you late when getting dressed up for the event and then running around the house, finding that favorite perfume that you love? But these fragranced products might contain some toxics that might tarnish the jewelry. Make sure to apply your perfume just a couple of minutes before wearing the plated jewelry.

There is a warning for an athletic or gymnastic person as the same goes for sweat. Remove your jewelry before going swimming, attending yoga sessions, and extensive workout at the gym.

Moreover, a substance like a nail polish remover, dirt, oil, nail polish, and chlorine may likely react with the metal jewelry and cause it to lust off easily.

Gentle wiping of the plated jewelry after each use

Make a habit ofcleaning your gold plated jewelry after each wear. Yeah, I mean, after every use, but this isn’t a tough job. All you need is a soft cotton ball and wipe your lucky pendant, dangling earring, and chain bracelets to remove any dirt particles that have accumulated.

If you are more comfortable using a cloth piece, then go for the softest one. You can use the microfiber cloth; the one designed for glasses and camera lens, so that you don’t get any scratches on the plated jewelry. Rubbing its surface will help restore the shine and gloss of the ornament.

Deep cleaning process using soapy water

How to clean gold plated jewelry?

If you find that the gold vermeil is still got and dirt and feels sticky, you should go for a lukewarm soapy cleaning of gold plated jewelry. Here are some of the steps that you could follow:

  • Fill the bowl with lukewarm water. Make sure the water is not that hot it damages the jewelry.
  • Secondly, add a few drops of dish soap to water. Stay totally away from antibacterial soaps and harsh gold plated jewelry cleaners as they contain a chemical that can tarnish gold more quickly.
  • Now place the gold-plated jewelry in the soap solution. Soak it about for 15 minutes to that all the residue is removed. Use a soft toothbrush to gently scrub.
  • Next, hold the ornament under the running water to rinse off the soapy water. After that, make sure to dry the jewelry properly with a soft cloth to prevent water stains or mineral-deposit. Don’t use abrasive polishing cloths as they remove the shine of the plated jewelry.

Consider jewelry box storage

Cleaning the gold plated jewelry properly is one step while storing your necklaces and earring in the right jewelry box is another. Use a jewelry box that is clean, dry, and dark.

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Moreover, you can put a similar material together so that they don’t tarnish quickly. You can invest in the jewelry boxes that have separate dividers or wrap the individual pieces separately.

Go to a reputable jeweler

If you dealing with the worst case, don’t worry we have the solution for that too. Is your gold plated has worn out and the base metal is exposed? You still get your favorite necklace beauty back by re-plated it. All you need is to invest a little.

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Visit a skilled jeweler that can do this task for you. You can discuss the cost of the procedure with him and then decide. The jewelry just looks like the one you had the first glance on.