How to clean Jewelry? 10 DIY Hacks

Jewelry remarks its value:

Jewelry isn’t just an embellishment it’s a way of life; it shows our cultures and traditions, who we are and what we represent, and even our social status. Though the time we might be famous for telling tales, so is jewelry. The majority of the people find antique jewelry the most intriguing of all, which is passed down to them for generations. It might be because they find the idea of it adorning the women before them really endearing (or it could be simply because it’s trending these days).

Talking about the bridal jewelry, it holds the special moments of your big occasion and all the other bits of recollection. People want to preserve those memories: they treat themselves and each other these little ornaments as a reminder of all the moments in their life and all the things bound with it.

But of course, having to keep such delicate and dainty sets of ornaments also has its own fly in the ointment, one of them being easily breakable, although you can easily fix up that breakage. Another annoying and more flawed stumbling block is when your favorite piece of jewelry starts catching dirt and specks of dust begin clogging in. Its prongs and chains, its pearls and stones, getting dull and lifeless.

Alas! You have no choice but to throw them away, however heartbreaking it may be because what else would you do with it? Why would you want something that is of no use? Why would it matter how much you like it when you can’t even wear it anymore? But most importantly, who told you it isn’t fixable? Of course it’s fixable!

What’s more is that there is more than one way of doing it, although there are shops for that too but why go out and possibly spend a lot of money when it can be easily done at home by yourself. So why throw it out? Why not try to save it? Why go out and buy a new one? That is unless you actually want to buy a new jewelry set, of course.


You can’t even begin to imagine that there are some of the most random products we have lying in our house, or more specifically in our kitchen. How useful they can turn out as the best cleaners for our jewelry. You might have almost everything you need to make your jewelry look shiny and brand new once again, just like the day it was bought or given. 

Here are some of the most recommended DIY must-try jewelry cleaning hacks carefully picked, listed, and explained below just for you:

USING WATER, the classic:


How to clean Jewelry?

Well, this might be the most infamous and obvious solution among all the others. It tends to works on jewelry, just as it does with everything else.

What to do

Take a small bowl and fill it with lukewarm water, then add a few drops or spoons of the cleaning agent of your choice or whatever is available to you. Dissolve the cleaning agent completely. (Make sure your water stays warm, just enough that you don’t burn your hand).  

Next, take a clean spare piece of clothing and dampen it with the water based solution. Get your damaged set of jewelry and quite simply, start rubbing over it, cleaning it gently. You can use a soft bristle tooth-brush to clean the pieces with fine details, or just dump it all in. This is the most recommended solution for easy and fast cleaning of your jewelry. Pat, it dries quite obviously with a dry cloth before keeping it away.

Useful tip: if you’re going to be putting your jewelry directly in water, use a strainer to keep your small pieces of jewelry from floating away here and there.

Useful tip 2: if you’re going to use the strainer, make sure you fill your bowl enough so that your jewelry is fully submerged in the solution.

What it does:

The warm water loosens up the dirt removes any dust or filth that might have started collecting on your jewelry.

Adding baking soda to the mix:

If you aren’t confident that you might get your aspired result with the good ol’ water and soap-based solution and think you might need something stronger yet gentle, try adding baking soda to the solution.

What to do:

It’s the same procedure as above, take a bowl and fill it with lukewarm water. Next, add some cleaning agent, then add some baking soda,1 or 2 spoons should be enough, and then you can repeat the same process of cleaning with a cloth or a soft bristle tooth-brush or maybe just dump it in. Pat, dry after taking it out, and store it away.

Useful tip: baking soda might not dissolve as easily as a cleaning agent, so you can also boil it in water to dissolve it.

What it does: 

It will lift off the unflattering dirt and debris and strip it off your dull jewelry completely, leaving you with a clean and brand new looking one.

How about adding hydrogen peroxide for cleaning jewelry:

Hydrogen peroxide is another solution for your marred jewelry. It has been popping up a lot lately, people have started using it for cleaning every day objects like shoes, and particularly white pieces, some go as far as using it for their teeth, but what people don’t know is that it’s another clever solution for saving your redeeming jewelry. 

What to do:

Once again, you need to follow the same process, but this time add a few drops of hydrogen peroxide, and it’s not necessary to boil it. It will dissolve in lukewarm water just fine.

We obviously know it’s not the most natural item found in a common household, but it’s definitely worth getting if you want to save your favorite piece of jewelry. It gives a new life and shines to your jewelry. 

Useful tip: you can also include baking soda in your mix for better results.

What it does:

Hydrogen peroxide is a colorless liquid, it is an oxidizer used to lift off stains, and it reacts the same way with the tarnish on your jewelry. It peels off the oxidation and makes your jewelry looking shiny and new.

Clean jewelry USING foil

How to clean Jewelry?

This is also one of the most recommended techniques to clean up the tarnish off your jewelry, silver in particular.

There are numerous ways of using this trick:

What to do

Method 1: you can rub it directly over the impaired area of your jewelry.

Method 2: you can boil some water, add a little baking soda and tear off some foil, roll it up in a big ball and dump it in and use the mixture for cleaning your jewelry by just simply putting your jewelry in.

Word of caution:

Make sure you turn the stove off before putting your jewelry in. You might tear the color of your jewelry.

Method 3: 

Use a plate or bowl made of aluminum foil, or you can get a plate or a bowl and line it up with foil, add some water in the plate/ bowl, make sure the water is slightly hot and place your jewelry in the plate/bowl for a few minutes.

Useful tip: you need to make sure your jewelry is in contact with the foil for this method to work.

What it does:

It is said that a current flows from the foil and silver, which shocks the oxidation. Thus, it lifts it up and away from the jewelry when in contact. Making your jewelry tarnish-free and looking brand new.

USING salt to clean

How to clean Jewelry?

Yes, salt is another effective way of cleaning up your embellishments.

What to do:

Once again, get some lukewarm water, add salt to taste ;), and stir to dissolve. Once it is mixed, get your jewelry and then dump all of it in, give it a good saltwater bath (you may add a cleaning agent of your choice) .pat it dry after taking it out and before keeping it away.

What it does:

Salt is a complexing agent that’s what makes it a great cleaning agent. It reacts with the tarnish urging it to lift off your jewelry and making it look lustrous and nitic once again.

USING essential:

You might haven’t heard about it a lot, but it is very effective. Adding essential oil makes for a great home-made jewelry cleaner.

What to do:

Take a bowl of lukewarm water and add two to three drops of essential oil, lemon essential oil to be exact, dump in your jewelry, and let sit for about five minutes.

Useful tip: some people recommend adding a little vinegar (if you don’t have lemon essential oil, that is) and soap to the mixture too

What it does:

It not only cleans the jewelry but also disinfects it along the way.

Adding ammonia:

Ammonia is another product that is not usually found in every household but it is recommended by a few experts if you want to get your jewelry to look anew. Although, it can be corrosive and dangerous, so make sure you keep from making direct contact with it or exposing it to naked skin because it might burn you but it is safe to use if used with care and a very good cleaning agent so of course it is recommended to proceed with resolved caution. 

What to do:

Get a bowl of lukewarm water and add a few small drops of ammonia in it so that it’s one part ammonia and ten-part water. Stir and dump your jewelry in. pat dry after taking it out.

Useful tip: if you’re going to use this hack, make sure you wear gloves and a mask while working with it .being exposed to ammonia for a very long time can make your nose and throat burn and your eyes too if the concentration of ammonia is too intense.

Useful tip 2: adding a cleaning agent is also recommended, as it clears away all the dirt from your jewelry.

What it does:

It’s known to be a very effective cleaner, and most people wonder how something so throttling can work so neatly, it’s sharpness can remove the most stubborn stain from your jewelry. It destroys the oxidation building up on your jewelry completely.

Word of caution:

Steer clear of using ammonia especially, on fake or artificial jewelry and gemstones other than a diamond yet, excessive use of something so harsh can ruin your jewelry or possibly tear it down in the long run.

1. Be careful with jewelry that might have pearls or gemstones infused in the design, don’t dump in jewelry with gemstones on them. Use a soft-bristle tooth-brush instead. If you keep them in warm water for too long, the glue might dissolve, and the gem might come loose.

2. Don’t use anything else other than water on gemstones.

3. Don’t be harsh with your jewelry, clean it gently as you might break it if you handle it too roughly.

4. Restrain yourself from keeping your jewelry submerged for too long. You can keep it in water for ten to fifteen minutes tops.

USING an acid

How to clean Jewelry?

You may be wondering, who exactly has random acids casually lying around in their house. well you might be surprised to know it is not that hard to find, in fact, it might actually be in your kitchen at the moment

How about ketchup for cleaning jewelry?

There are many famous wife tales of ketchup being an excellent and premium way of cleaning your jewelry. Well, yes, ketchup does make for a good way of cleaning jewelry, but it’s the acid in the tomatoes of the ketchup that does the job.

What to do:

Get some ketchup from your pantry and your jewelry, of course, and start rubbing it with ketchup, while using a tooth-brush may make the job easier (do leave it covered for a while,) or you can once again just dump it in directly into ketchup and let sit for a few minutes.

Useful tip: some people say wiping it off with a wet cloth is enough, but it’s not ketchup leaves the jewelry very sticky, so it’s recommended to give it proper water and soap bath to get it fully clean, then pat dry, and you’re good.

What it does:

We’ve already told what makes ketchup one of the best jewelry cleaners, the acetic acid of the tomatoes. What it does that it breaks the tarnish off your jewelry slowly when left in it and lifts it off.

USING vinegar

Cleaning blemish jewelry with vinegar is just the easiest solution to a problem in this world.

What to do:

There are two different methods and two different ways for this hack:

Method 1: Take a bowl and fill it with vinegar. Dump in your jewelry and let it sit in there for a few minutes, take it out, wash it clean and wipe it dry, and that’s it, you’re done! It also removes dead skin off your jewelry

Useful tip: add baking soda to vinegar, it might make for an excellent volcano, but it also works best with cleaning jewelry.

Useful tip 2: the majority of people recommend using apple cider vinegar.

Method 2: Another way of doing it is by taking some vinegar, adding salt and some flour, it will make a paste-like substance, apply it over your jewelry using a soft bristle tooth-brush, let sit for a while. Rinse it clean with water and pat it dry, and you’re good to go.

What it does:

An average vinegar is nearly four to five percent acid, acetic acid to be exact. Apple cider vinegar is known to be six to seven percent acid, it releases the oxidation of your jewelry, leaving a clean sheen above.

USING lemons 

Another way of giving your jewelry a new life is by cleaning it with lemon.

What to do

Method 1: it’s quite simple, just squeeze some lemon juice and use a cotton swab to rub over your jewelry

Method 2: or you can skip the hassle of squeezing lemons and just apply it directly. Cut come peels off lemon or take the peels of used lemons and simply rub it on your jewelry, use the inner side of the peels.

Useful tip: for much more pleasant, results add baking soda

What it does:

The citric acid in the lemons cuts through the tarnish and lifts it off your jewelry. 

USING beverages:

USING sodas or soft drinks:

It might not be that common among the rest, but it does work as well as any other solutions. You can use either Coca-Cola, sprite, or Pepsi. Coca-Cola is the most commonly used drink for this hack, but you can use either of them.

What to do:

Get a bowl and empty the drink in it. Bring it to a gentle simmer and dump your jewelry inlet it. Let it sits for a few minutes and then wash it with some soap and water because it can get really sticky.

Useful tip: baking soda makes the job easier and more efficient.

Word of caution:

1. It is not recommended to put your jewelry in boiling water or in this case, soft drinks or soda. It is important to know and make sure the temperature doesn’t rise above a simmer, putting the jewelry directly in bubbly hot liquid can strip off its color.

2. Don’t leave it in for too long, or it can damage the piece even further.don’t wait for the solution to cool down. Take it out immediately.

Useful tip: don’t reach indirectly, of course, using a strainer makes fishing out your jewelry a whole lot easier.

What it does:

we all know soft drinks like Coca-Cola and Pepsi have some malicious acids and these acids are what makes the tarnish clear off your jewelry, increasing the temperature also increases the concentration of the acids thus, making them more intense and an effective cleaning agent.

USING beer:

How to clean Jewelry?

We all know what beer is for, but apparently, it can do so much more than we imagined. and when it comes to giving a new life to jewelry, nothing works better.

What to do:

Get some beer for cleaning jewelry or maybe one for yourself ;). Note: not a recommendation just a suggestion and a clean cloth. Dampen your cloth with beer, and rub gently over your jewelry. Rinse it with water, pat dry, and tuck it away.

Word of caution: 

1. It was recommended not to use dark-ale.

2. It was considerably propounded to avoid using it on diamonds

What it does:

Beer is brewed with multiple chemicals. When these chemicals present in beer react with the layer of oxidation on your jewelry and loosen it’s up when in contact. Therefore makes for an excellent cleaning solution for our jewelry

USING wine:

It is uncommon for a house to not have vinegar, but if you happen to not have vinegar, and you’ve been wanting to wear your favorite piece of jewelry, but it’s tarnished, just sneak some of the wine from your fridge and get to work.

What to do:

It works the same as vinegar, get some in a bowl and dump your jewelry in, let it sit for a few minutes, wash it with water, pat it dry, and you’re done.

What it does:

Wine goes through a number of the process while in making and of course chemical reactions, it works by deteriorating the oxidation and peels it off your jewelry.

USING vodka:

Vodka is another amazing substitute for cleaning jewelry. 

What to do:

Take some vodka and pour it in a bowl, dump your jewelry in and stir it gently, vodka is also a great solution and highly recommended for cleaning your diamonds.

What it does:

Vodka is primarily water and alcohol and other impurities, no wonder it makes for a great cleaning solution. It strips off the dust or blemish and gives it a new life, restoring its dulling glint. Who knew drinks can even revive your redeeming jewelry.

USING sanitary products:

Using toothpaste:

People have mixed feelings about this one, some say it’s the best way to get tarnish off your silver jewelry, and it does, but it can also strip the color off of it sometimes, so that gives the idea that it does work, but you need to be careful around it

What to do:

This hack is as simple as brushing your teeth in the morning, simply get a tiny amount of toothpaste on your brush and lightly brush it over your jewelry, be very gentle with it. Once you’re done, submerge it in slightly warm water and rub the toothpaste off. It should come off easily, but you can use a cleaning agent if you want to.

Word of caution:

1. Don’t let it sit for too long

2. Avoid using it on the diamond, it can leave huge spots over it or make it blurry.

What it does:

Let’s just say toothpaste is accustomed to cleaning plagues and stains, no wonder it works for jewelry. It is made abrasive enough, just so it can get rid of unnecessary junk from your mouth and in this case, your jewelry.

USING rubbing alcohol:

Again people have mixed feelings about this hack. Some think it’s fine, while others think it can tear down your jewelry, but it all comes down to the way you handle it.

What to do:

Take a small amount of rubbing alcohol in a bowl and a small cotton swab, soak the cotton swab in rubbing alcohol and lightly dab it over your jewelry, be gentle, and proceed with caution.

Useful tip: you can mix it water to dilute its intensity, but that might not be necessary if you work quickly and carefully.

What it does:

Rubbing alcohol is a good way of cleaning and disinfecting your jewelry, (rubbing alcohol is usually recommended to clean the studs and rings of your piercings.)

USING cleaning products:

USING glass cleaner

Glass cleaner is also top-rated and known for cleaning your favorite jewelry

What to do:

Take some glass cleaner in a bowl and a clean cloth. Dampen the fabric with the glass cleaner and rub it gently over your jewelry, or you can dump it in; after a minute or so, take it out and brush it gently with a tooth-brush.

Useful tip: if you are not sure about the intensity of the product and think it might be too harsh for your delicate jewelry, it is recommended to add half part hydrogen peroxide and the other half glass cleaner and then use it.

What it does:

Glass cleaner is made to wipe off marks from your mirrors and make them shiny again. It works the same way with jewelry. Jewelry, when in contact with your skin, gathers the oil and dead skin of your body and thus gets duller over time. That’s when the glass cleaner comes in. It polishes the jewelry, getting rid of the sweat and grime collecting over it, and leaves it looking shiny and alive, just like the way you bought it.

Lo and behold! Now you don’t ever have to throw away your beloved jewelry and can keep on wearing it for years to come. But wait, that’s not all. What if it gets dirty again? Cleaning it with long and convoluted ways doesn’t exactly make your jewelry dirt and tarnish-proof. Keeping your jewelry clean is as important as collecting it. Just like clothes, jewelry needs to be cleaned and taken care of.

Therefore to save your freshly cleaned or newly bought jewelry from getting damaged again, why not take good care of it from the very beginning? So, of course, here’s a list of ways to keep your jewelry safe and dirt-proof.

 1. Don’t leave your jewelry out; going your jewelry out exposes it to the oxygen and other stuff ( like pollution and moisture) in the air, which reacts with the metal of your jewelry, allowing it to tarnish over time. Instead, keep your jewelry in small separate packages, sealing it nicely before stowing it away.

2. Avoid leaving it wet. You may have noticed we instructed again and again in our list for ways of cleaning damaged jewelry to dry your jewelry before keeping it away. It is a prime reason for your jewelry getting tarnished. Make sure you don’t get your jewelry near water, or pat it dry if you do.

3. It might not be a useful tip for everyone. But if you own or happen to know someone who owns pearls, this is an important thing to understand. Pearls are used to being in the water, so maybe wear it once in a while. The pearls absorb your body oil to stay shiny, or simply keep cleaning it with a wet cloth.

 4. Clean your jewelry every once in a while, not regularly, you might strip the color off, but it is imperative to clean your jewelry. In this way, you will not get it too dirty and keep it safe from getting stubborn stains on it, which is easy considerably, now that you have a complete list of numerous ways of doing it 😉

So it doesn’t matter if it is either used as a personal adornment; a tiny embellishment to add a little bling to your ordinary and habitual dress or ways of expressing your emotions, the way engagement rings hold promises or how the wedding rings detain love, how you give each other friendship necklaces, a secret message in your favorite brooch or how a particular bracelet reminds you of a certain someone.

But non less, the shimmer of a ring or the flicker of a bracelet adds just a little something that makes even the most wonted piece of clothing look sophisticated and regal.