Are Lokai bracelets Fake or Real? Complete Guide

In today’s era, social media is taking over the world, and the people living in one corner are well aware of the trends and changes taking place in the other parts of the world. Fashion is becoming the hottest trend these days, and some fads in fashion elevate to a certain spike.

People are agreed to change their personalities and look to adopt these vogues. The coming generation is ready to break the clichés and redefining the definition of fashion in their dimensions. New fashion trends thriving in this world bring substantial positive impact on your personality, such as Lokai Bracelets.

Lokai bracelets are one such mania, which is flourishing in the past few years but is a Lokai bracelet legit? Are they real or fake? These are the questions that will surely come to your mind when you discover about Lokai bracelets. As it is a fad, people are driving crazy to have one for their selves. Learn that it is important to have an understanding of these classic and trendy bracelets.

These bracelets turned out to be one of the most evolving fashion trends so far and gained huge popularity among a wide audience. Before you get into it, explore the amazing and wonderful facts and Lokai bracelets reviews in this article. 

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Learn the basic things you need to know about Lokai bracelets

The name “Lokai” is inspired by the word Lokahi from the Hawaiian language, and its meaning is the blending of opposites. Wearing Lokai bracelets reminds you that the life you are living is full of ups and downs.

Lokai bracelets meaning provides recognition that this life is a cycle, and some moments in it can make you happy, and the others create a sense of sadness deep in your heart. The beads embedded in these Lokai bracelets symbolize living a balanced life and accept the highs and lows of your life because this is what we call life.

As the Lokai bracelet meaning is to find the right balance in life, this purpose has also inspired numerous artists, celebrities, pop stars, and professional athletes like Natalie Portman. The ornament and the embellishment of this bracelet represent the balance you have attained in your lifestyle.

You must be getting curious right that is how these bracelets came into being! Just go wow with these refined and chic Lokai bracelets are made from silicone and brand-specific material, especially black and white beads. The unique pattern created by placing them opposite to each other seems quite attractive.

The uniqueness delivers that how the material is collected to create these beads lowest and highest parts of the world. For the white beads, the water is collected from Mt Everest, which is the highest point. Stockpiling water from the highest place of the globe represents the peaks in your life. Mud for the black beads is gathered from the Dead Sea, which shows the troughs in your lifetime.

Are you anxious to find what do the colors of Lokai bracelets mean? The white bead in the Lokai bracelet reminds you to keep calm and humble when you are at the highest points in your life, and on the other hand, the black bead will motivate you to remain hopeful and ambitious in the dreadful phases of your existence.

The clear beads that are connecting the white and black ones represent balance and stability. It delivers the message that how one should remain humble and modest in their life.

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The inspirational story behind the Lokai bracelets

Lokai bracelets

The Lokai bracelet review is incomplete without mentioning of the inspirational story that got it to us! One day Steven Izen – the founder of Lokai, was on the world’s highest mountain – Mt Everest. When he was on the Dead Sea, he felt the sadness he had in his heart for his grandfather who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disorder.

So, that gave the innovative idea for the popular Lokai bracelets. The drop of water from Mt Everest in the white bead represents the heights in your life, and the mud from the Dead Sea in the black bead represents the lowest points of your life.

Founded in 2013, this New York-based jewelry brand portrays itself as a socially responsible lifestyle brand. 10% net profit from this brand is donated to charitable organizations for the welfare of humans. In 2017, it earned the Winner of the Smart CEO’s Future 50 Awards.

The idea of these bracelets enlightens a lot of people and becomes popular with a wide audience. The enchanting sentiments behind the bracelets create concern in teens and come into the public eye.

Are Lokai bracelets real?

To most minds, these things might seem like a long-lost fairytale, but is it actually real or not? The information that we gather from different sources can make your thoughts clear. The beads used for these Lokai bracelets are of high quality and are available in a wide range of colors.

Moreover, the official sources of Lokai explain that they have water drops in the white bead that they gathered from Mt Everest and the mud in the black bead is from the Dead Sea. These official statements say it all, so don’t you think it as absolutely amazing!

But whether the Lokai Bracelets are real or not is depends on your perceptions and beliefs. The reason for buying these bracelets and what you think about this bracelet can give the answer to this question. Many believe that these beads add humility, modesty, and hope to your life, wearing them all the time.  Do you think these can make you biased by changing your feelings and make me sense that they are adding the rays of hope in my grief and modesty in the achievements of my life? Then they are not meant for you.

Few individuals have started to reveal that these beads do not have water in them, and cannot add balance to one’s life. Furthermore, some of them raised this concern that the symbolism of the beads is not true, and there is no meaning hidden in them. The meaning and the concept of these Lokai bracelets will remain the same if that is what you choose to believe in.

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When were Lokai bracelets popular?

A human needs to remain optimistic in the lowest moments and humble in the highest moments of life. This idea stimulates the founder of this brand and paraphrases this concept in the form of bracelets to motivate himself and the world. 

Millions of people got attracted to this message when in 2013 these bracelets with a very unique concept were out into the market. They are still very famous as they are regarded as a tangible representation of attaining balance and steadiness in life. 

LOKAI bracelets real vs. Fake:

Lokai bracelets

How to deal with the confusion of finding which Lokai bracelet is real and which is fake! We have picked some points to help you distinguish between the real and fake Lokai bracelets. 

Real Lokai bracelets give you a different vibe, and it looks glorious and outstanding from all its angles. They arise a sense of craze among people because of its deeper meanings and intense symbolism. Unfortunately, all the bracelets sold in the market are not authentic.

Plenty of shops sell fake and low-standard Lokai bracelets, making doubts in people’s minds. They may feel reluctant to buy them even if they have a yearning for these famous and classy bracelets. So, the decision for buying them is hard, and it will be good for you to take advice from the people aware of the shops selling the original ones. 

Tags to determine the authenticity of Lokai bracelets:

When it comes to determining the legitimacy of Lokai bracelets then you should remember that tags are not the way to your research. The reason is that it is very easy to copy the font and the design of the label. Selling fake bracelets by the shopkeepers is reducing the popularity level of Lokai bracelets. So, the appropriate way to determine its genuineness is by checking its features and material. 

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Features you have to look out to check the legality:

  1. The white and black beads:

These two beads are always white and black and have water and mud in them, respectively. White beads will always be opaque, thus, will never have a transparent shade.

  • Size:

The white and black bead is of the same size as the beads present in between them. Some fake sellers place white and black beads of different sizes. You will mostly find them oversized compared to the beads meshed between them. Count this as a hint that they are fake.

  • Mesh and bead overlap design:

The other difference that can save you from buying a fake bracelet is how the beads overlap and mesh together. In fake ones, it usually seems like those beads are glued together on the edge and almost as an afterthought as they are not decently connected to each other.

For the real Lokai bracelets, beads are designed carefully, and they look as if the beads are melted together and gives a perfect mesh.

  • Squashing:

Notice the finishing of the beads and squashing uncomfortably, well it is a sign that they are fake Lokai bracelets. In real one, the beads are crafted masterfully and then placed in an ordered fashion with the same space between every bead.

  • Raw edges:

Consider those Lokai bracelets as fake in which you find there is an excess application of silicone at the ends of the beads. For the real bracelets, you will find no excess silicone edges as the manufacturer spends immense time crafting those ends to get that finishing.

  • Symbols:

The main symbol of the Lokai has a specific size that looks perfect on the bead. It is adjusted on the bead, leaving a little space around it. It also has a small circle at the bottom, which goes inward. Fake sellers make it a little larger, and instead of carving it, they make it stick out.

  • Glossiness and matteness:

Some of the bracelets are matte, and others are glossy, depending on the colors. The matte and glossy confusion separates the fake one from the original bracelets. You can have glossy bracelets in Susan G. Komen (pink), World Water Day (blue), Save the Children (red), and Alzheimer’s (purple). World Wildlife Fund (camo), Make-A-Wish (rainbow), and Shark Week (blue/white/gray) are present in matte.

  • Clear plastic bag packaging:

Original Lokai never comes in clear plastic bags, and if you see these being sold somewhere, make sure to mark them as fakes.

  • Designs that don’t exist:

Some people sell these bracelets in designs that don’t even exist. Before you buy them, check to make sure these designs are available on their official website.

  1. Sellers with masses of Lokai:

Sellers that sell them in the form of bundles or deals are totally fake. So, the Lokai bracelet pack is the one whom we can say fraud bracelets with no doubt. The question that comes to your mind is that where can I buy a Lokai bracelet?

The best way is to check their official website and search for the official stores that can provide you with the original one. You can also search for Lokai bracelet on amazon on google, and you can have a lot of stuff regarding it.

How much money you have to spend for having a Lokai bracelet:

The meaning it has provoked is the reason for the high price of these bracelets. A certain percentage of the sales coming from these LOkai bracelets are donated to those organizations that work to serve this world and humanity.

Are you searching for Lokai bracelets cheaply on google? You might end with multiple websites suggesting that they can provide you with cheap Lokai bracelets, but they are not original. Fake bracelets cannot create a sense of balance in your life, so it is better to search more and have a genuine bracket for yourself.

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Bracelet collection by Lokai:

Lokai launched many inspiring and sophisticated collections that make a person desire it. Their one of the popular and famous collection known as Cause Collection has a great variety of bracelets including Stigma-Free Bracelet, Black Lives Matter Lokai Bracelets, Women Empowerment Lokai, Pride Lokai, No Kid Hungry Lokai, and many more. You can feel that every name of the bracelet is associated with some cause, and that is awesome.

Disney Collection of Lokai can provide you with some funky bracelets like Disney Mickey Mouse Icon Lokai, Disney Mickey Mouse Lokai, Disney Lilo, and Stitch Lokai. They also have bracelets related to Beauty and Beast, Frozen, and Little Ariel Mermaid.

Star Wars bracelets by Lokai are also well-known, and you can experience a mystical force in yourself by wearing them. Different names have been suggested to the main designs of this collection after The Child Lokai, Darth Lokai, Princess Leia Lokai, and Storm Trooper Lokai. Questions that can surely help you a lot:

Can I wear my Lokai bracelet in the shower and pool?

Yes, you can. The material of the beads is silicone and can resist water. The rubber material can hold against and in water for a longer time. It is also 100 percent safe to wear them in the pool while swimming. The Lokai bracelets fit in themselves for every rough and tough condition and activity.

Do Lokai bracelets break easily?

They are stiff enough to resist, which that it cannot break apart easily as they are strong. Moreover, the material from which they are manufactured has got some amazing and powerful powers. Besides, these bracelets are hard to break until you twist or bend them harshly. They can last with you for years if you carry them properly.

How to clean Lokai bracelets?

The answer is many ways that can be beneficial in maintaining the quality of your bracelet. They usually get foggy after using them for long periods. It is better to wash them with warm water and soap. You can do this frequently to make the quality, color, design, and texture of your Lokai bracelets.

Are Lokai bracelets filled with water and mud?

The founder and the official sources claim to state that the Lokai brand gets the water in the white bead from Mt Everest and the mud for the black bead from the Dead Sea. Yet, to a lot of people, it seems impossible, talking more precisely as fake.

Many of them even parted the white and black bead from between and found nothing in the white bead. Officials from the brand said that the water evaporates from the white bead over time.


As we have gathered and digested a lot of knowledge about the Lokai brackets, have your excitement reached a whole new level. Our team reached out for every tiniest detail to remove all confusion and misleads regarding the Lokai bracelets.

The purpose of designing this bracelet is considerable for sure. The development of an idea believes in change to a person to some extent in their lifetimes, regards millions of people following to buy these beautiful Lokai bracelets.

The core message given by this brand is to stay confident in the times that try to make you feel pessimistic and discouraged. Another thing is that even if you attained sky-high success through your hard work and patience, you need to remain down to the Earth.

It’s what Lokai stands to teach us! The real idea this brand wants to promote is to have balance and equilibrium in your life. One should remember that life is not a bed of roses but a bed of thorns, and everyone should make an effort to adopt humility.

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