15 Best Places to Sell Jewelry Online

Best Places to Sell Jewelry Online

Business with jewelry selling runs a profit-making trend these days. The entry card for joining the online market is easier than ever – with just your enthusiasm, a whole lot of grit, and creativity, you can make money selling jewelry from home. With a stat of more than 29 million people already purchasing online jewelry … Read more

10 Best Earrings for Men in 2021

Best earrings for men

New styles and trends are on the go, so why shouldn’t men have their ears pierced. Are you looking for the best earrings for men trending in 2021? We have got the best ones out whether you go with the studs or hoops, you can make your appearance reflect your personality. New trends for men … Read more

10 Best Earring Backs for Diamond Earrings

Best Earring Backs for Diamond Earrings

If you’re a jewelry lover or fond of wearing earrings, then earring backs are the most important component of your jewelry. Earring backs are as momentous as your shoes without socks and a car without keys. If it loses, the purpose of the earrings will lose. It is also a stressful situation that happens often. … Read more

3 Best Clit Clamps & How to Use Clit Clamp?

clit clamps

Today, we’re talking about how to use a clit clamp and what are best clit clamps you can use. Clit clamp is something you definitely want to try. This guide is just going to tell you exactly how to use the clit clamp. I’m also going to cover three best designs of clit clamp, and … Read more

How To Start A Successful Jewelry Business?

How To Start A Successful Jewelry Business?

How do you start a jewelry brand? I’ve got the answer with nine tips to get you started today. Make sure that you stick around until the end, because tip number eight is a think outside the box way to get your business off the ground. Right when start a brand “Finley Jewelry” launched, they … Read more

Truth About Sexual Piercings Told By Sarah Miller

sexual piercings

We’re gonna talk about sexual piercings. How piercings can enhance sex? Whether or not certain genital piercings are just for show or if they make sex more pleasurable? And my personal experiences with sexual piercings. We’re gonna differentiate between the different types of genital piercings and their colloquial or slang names. When you think of … Read more

10 Best Cartilage Earrings that’ll Make You Beautiful

best cartilage earrings

Are you the one wandering out, searching markets for the best cartilage earrings? Express your casual style hooked with gold, silver, and diamond cartilage earrings that offer impressive designs and add textural diversity to your look. Trends come and bring in so many desirable ways to pierce and decorate your ears. Ear parties are getting … Read more

10 Best Earrings for Round Face

Best Earrings for Round Face

Every woman in the world love shopping. Some girls like clothes, bags, shoes and utmost jewelry. Jewelry is an essential part of women’s style and vogue. For some women, it is a must-have product for ready-to-go. I also love shopping; whenever I go to the market, even for only window shopping, and then go through … Read more

10 Best Fake Diamond Earrings In 2021

Best Fake Diamond Earrings

At times faux diamonds are of real value as many people prefer them for their price. Figuring the best fake diamond earrings can be a tough job when you are a whole lot of variety available in the market. Following the guide below, you will catch some features that make the best fake diamond earring … Read more