13 Interesting Palladium Jewelry Facts That You Might Didn’t Know

The trend of palladium jewelry is filling markets with unique and stylish accessories each day. Similarly, its prices are rising as well and is soon to catch equal or even more to the price rates of precious metals – gold, platinum, and silver. Going back to history dates, Palladium was first discovered in 1803 and was named after an asteroid.

Today, palladium is the forty-sixth element of the periodic table and counts as one of the rarest planets to exist on this planet. Palladium is even rarer than gold and silver and so holds some unique and interesting facts. So let’s not wait anymore and drive into the world of palladium to explore what features does this rare element holds within itself.

Palladium Jewelry Facts:

Palladium metal isn’t a new discovery, yet its ability to shape into unique styled jewelry items opens up the path into the industry. 950 Palladium is malleable enough to allow jewelers to sculpt, mold into variable shapes and sizes. Also, it’s strong enough to cope with daily wear tear for lifetime use.

1. Palladium remarks a statement on its resistance to scratching, lightweight, durability, and strength. Palladium accessories will weigh about 40% less than the same jewelry item made with platinum or gold. Some people at times choose to buy platinum jewelry, yet for others it quite uncomfortable and heavier to wear at all times.

2. Back in 2010, the hallmark for palladium jewelry was introduced, yet many jewelers to date find it risky to work with palladium as they haven’t used it in their past experience. That’s the reason why we do not mostly get to see palladium accessories on stores or high streets as commonly as platinum or gold jewelry items. Changes come gradually, and so is the trend of palladium jewelry rising up!

3. Palladium belongs to the platinum family consisting of six members – rhodium, iridium, ruthenium, platinum, palladium, and osmium. All these share many characteristics with each other, which include catalytic abilities – act as a catalyst in speeding up the chemical reaction – and lovely bright white color. For those searching the same crisp white color as of the white gold and don’t want that regular visits to the jeweler for getting it rhodium throughout your lifetime. Well, then you get the exact same piece in palladium metal with its bright hue that won’t change for life long.

4. South Africa and Russia are the highest palladium producers that mine and supply around 40 percent of the world’s palladium stock. Out of the entire palladium extracted, 80 percent goes towards the manufacturing of catalytic converters.

5. Palladium is the right choice for sensitive skin as it counts as one of the biologically inactive elements allowing a relatively low probability to cause a reaction on the skin. Being hypoallergenic in nature, it is not prone to cause allergies, infections, spots, or any sort of irritation. Also, in some really rare cases, we see reports where people who are allergic to nickel compounds are sensitive to palladium as well.

6. The originality for the palladium word derives all from the Grecian goddess ‘Pallas Athena.’ Many people are fascinated by the idea of symbolizing the goddess of war and wisdom as a part of their jewelry. The traditional fineness symbol – the hallmark – offers counsel and strength to the jewelry item as per the ones having faith.

7. Palladium metals are mined as a by-product of nickel and platinum. Then, it can be extracted to be used in jewelry items and the manufacturing of catalytic converters.

8. The price of palladium has increased almost 400% since 2016 trends and currently twice the price of gold and platinum in the market. The main reason behind the increased demand for palladium metal in the car industry – the one discussed before as well. To add more information to it, more people are each day switching to petrol-based cars which use palladium catalytic converters. In contrast, the trend of diesel-based cars is decreasing, which uses platinum catalytic converters.

9. Palladium, out of numerous abilities, holds the capacity to absorb hydrogen up to 900 times its own volume. The palladium not only stores not also filter hydrogen, making it ideal for the container.

10. For those who brought an 18K white gold or palladium jewelry will notice the significant rise in their values, even if the accessory was a year older. It is also a notice for all readers to verify whether your jewelry item up to date for ensuring that you have a backend something unfortunate happen to your jewelry.

11. Palladium holding the property of not reacting with oxygen, extremely malleable, and tarnish-resistant metal, makes it ideal for catalytic converters and jewelry making.

12. In 1803, the scientist William Hyde by dissolving platinum hydrochloric acid and nitric acid mixture, noticed something odd. After the platinum was fully dissipated, a secondary metal was left behind – now known as palladium – according to Hyde’s observation.

13. Palladium is one of those metals that are used to give white color to alloyed metals such as 18K white gold. The rising price of palladium puts a significant push to 18k white gold prices as well.

Now we know how impressive and precious palladium jewelry facts are and we can find stylish yet charming sets, rings, necklaces, and almost all other accessory item that would enhance our beauty. Here are some of the ring bands options that you can check out:

Palladium Ring Bands:

Palladium 7.5mm Comfort Fit Hammered Finish Beveled Edge Design Band

Palladium Jewelry Facts

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The ring has a standard ring width of 7.50mm and displays a stunning silver look because of platinum metal. Either you picking as an engagement or a first anniversary gift for your loved one, the ring is determinant to leave an expression on the other person.


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Palladium 8mm Comfort-fit High Polish Finish Round Edge Design Band

Palladium Jewelry Facts

Another elegant yet premium pick by FJC Finejewelers offers a euro domed comfort fit ring with its high polish finish and round edge design. Sizing about 8mm and ensures pure palladium metal made. The silver tint of its color looks more similar to platinum metal and shares some of the other physical properties too.

Again the item is not for anyone specific gender as both males and females can wear it. Overall, the classy and sophisticated look of this piece defines your personal look.


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  • Black Diamond
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Potential Confusion – What is Palladium Sterling Silver and Palladium White Gold jewelry?

If you have been recently searching out for jewelry pieces, you might have come crossed these terms as Palladium Sterling Silver and Palladium White Gold jewelry. Well, they simply mean that that white gold or silver jewelry contains an alloy mixture of palladium, but it is definitely not counted as a pure palladium accessory. In the current market, these metals cost much less expensive than the pure palladium ones but might be more valuable than the let alone silver or white gold alloys.

Is palladium more expensive than gold?

Well, palladium’s worth has kept on rising for the past many years, and in fact, today prices, even more than silver or gold jewelry. Palladium – a trendy item – seems to be the next most desirable precious metal the world will be looking forward to, and its increasing price tags say it all.

How is palladium different from platinum?

Platinum and palladium are two slightly different metals that belong to the platinum group of metals. Both metals share the noble white color and count as one of those most precious and rarest metals found on the planet.

The thing that separates both metals from each other is their density. Platinum stores a higher density in comparison to palladium. This property affects the weight of the accessories, keeping the same dimensions on board, the palladium of almost two times lighter than platinum jewelry.