7 Piercings For Guys Trending In 2020

Nowadays we quite often see people having themselves pierced all over their body as part of the ongoing trend. Piercings for guys have different sort of historical background that enlighten its value and culture.

There a variety of reasons they people get piercing. Some might have it for religious or spiritual reasons while for the other it might be a way of expressing themselves. Lately piercing in men has got a lot of popularity. The piercing centers for men are growing each day due to emerging craze amongst boys and young men.

Just like beard and tattoos, piercings for guys have also become a part of the fashion stream. So you are a guy and who wants a piercing but is unsure as to where should you get it. Here are some the options that might interest you:

Ear Piercing

Piercings for Guys

With time men’s ear piercing is getting more and more popular. Celebrates like Justin Timberlake and Justin Bieber have got their ear pierced by following the ongoing trend.

Ear piercing is the one that looks cool on everyone. You can spice up your jewelry box according to your personality and the way you want to appear. Moreover, ear-piercing is the least painful of all the locations. You can even test yourself on how much pain you can handle before moving on to more painful areas.

Some people say that ear-piercing is a lot more beneficial for health. Ear piercings for guys can be a form of expressing their creativity and even might be a sign of rebelliousness for some men. You can style your piercing with hoop or stud; both look amazing.

There is no such specific age for getting ear piercing. You can get your ear pierced at any age. Thus, making you look stylish and will definitely make people turn their heads to look at you. There a numerous options from which you can choose the style you prefer:

  • Rook Piercing
  • Helix Piercing
  • Earlobe Gauging
  • Lobe Piercing
  • Tragus Piercing
  • Forward Helix Piercing
  • Snug Piercing
  • Industrial Piercing
  • Daith Piercing
  • Orbital Piercing
  • Anti-Tragus Piercing
  • Conch Piercing

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Nose Piercing

Piercings for Guys

Nose piercing in men has got a lot of fame these days. This is small and might get unnoticeable by some people. Guys have been rocking studs, tiny hoops, and septum rings for quite some time. Apart from the celebrities— Zayn Malik, Austin Mahone, Jamie Campbell Bower, nose rings in men have trended on Instagram.

Wearing a nose piercing can add a little to your style and fashion. It gives you a super cool and trendy look. It is advised to use safe metals— Surgical stainless steel, Solid Gold, Titanium, and Niobium, for nose jewelry to prevent infection.

Nose piercings for guys are the one that can get you stunning photographs with quite a several likes. Your jewelry choice will design the way it will look. They are not quite painful if done properly by a piercer. It’s always seen that nose piercing you look sexy and charming. Either you have it on your nares (the skin around the nostrils) or the septum (the cartilage between the nostrils).

Moreover, there are various options you can look for:

  • Nose piercing
  • Upper nostril piercing
  • Nasallang piercing
  • Septum piercing
  • Bridge piercing
  • Septril piercing
  • Rhino piercing
  • Austin bar piercing
  • Third eye piercing

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Eyebrows Piercing

piercings for guys

Eyebrows piercing are not always in the fashion they keep going in and out. They are quite strange; if they aren’t in the vogue today, they will be back in a few months.

Eyebrow piercings for guys fall lower on the pain scale when compared to nipple piercing. You feel a pinch of pain due to the needle but it isn’t unbearable. Along with that they are most slowly healing piercing and are difficult to take care of.

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It can cause follicular cysts on the fresh piercing. The piercing might get infected due to dirt and clogs of sweat. Also, it runs a higher risk of getting migration. For reducing the healing process is advised to take plenty of rest and avoid blood thinners.

The most common jewelry worn on eyebrow piercings is Curved or straight barbell and Captive bead rings. The piercing can be placed anywhere along the sides of the eyebrow, but usually observed just past the arch of the eyebrow. There are tons of piercing styles you can get on your eyebrow but the below two are the most common ones.

  • Multiple eyebrow piercings.
  • Horizontal eyebrow piercings are ones placed above or below the eyebrow.

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Nipple Piercing

piercings for guys

Male nipple piercings tend to grow day by day as they weren’t that popular ten years ago. Nipple piercing enhances the beauty of any chest. Some people think that actually function as empowering body modifications with the ability to increase body confidence and self-esteem. 

Nipple piercings for guys come under the most painful piercings as there are lots of nerve endings making it a sensitive area. These piercing have a lengthy healing time and are really difficult to take care of.

The jewelry sizes may vary from person to person for nipple piercing. It is always advised to have nickel and lead-free nipple rings. The purer is the metal like Surgical Stainless Steel or Solid Gold, the lesser chances are that they might react. Always use lead and nickel-free jewelry.

They can be placed at any angle but they are traditionally done horizontal or less vertically. It is even possible to place multiple piercings on top of one another. There is a variety of nipple rings you can opt for — Straight Barbell, Circular/Horseshoe Barbell, Dangle, Non-dangle, CBRs (Captives or Captive Bead Rings), Nipple shields, Segment rings & Seamless rings, Nipple clickers, Curved barbell, and twister spiral barbell.

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Lip Piercing

piercings for guys

It seems as though more and more people over the years are opting for some type of lip piercing to enhance their facial features. Lip piercings are well-known in African tribes, whose men wear large decorative lip plates or discs, usually in the lower lip. They say it is a part of their culture to please God in this way.

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While in west lip piercings are to show another decorative and personalized way of expressing themselves. Its fashion trend has been increasing with time. These will make you look super cute, charming, magnetic, and sexy of course.

Lip piercing does hurt a lot and requires oral aftercare when compared to any other piercing. You have to stay away from alcohol until the time it heals up. You can use cold compresses if the swelling increases.

There is a variety of lip rings available in the market with which you can decorate your lips. There is a wide array of lip piercings for guys you could opt for:

  • Jestrum piercing
  • Labret piercing
  • Snake bites
  • Medusa/philtrum piercing
  • Dahlias
  • Canine bites
  • Angel bites
  • Cyber bites
  • Spider bites
  • Madonna piercing
  • Monroe piercing
  • Vertical labret
  • Dolphin bites
  • Horizontal lip piercing
  • Ashley piercing
  • Shark bites

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Tongue Piercing

piercings for guys

Tongue Piercings for guys are pretty much norm these days. People say it makes you look extremely cool and keeps you far away from the ‘boring’ tag. Many celebrities and rappers are going for a tongue piercing to show people amazing tongue rings when they stick them out and surprise the audience.

There are different jewelry designs currently available in the market. You can get colorful and trending barbells according to your choice and style.

Tongue seems to be sensitive but they aren’t that painful. Since your tongue is used to eat and drink, it is really painful to deal with the healing process. Although, they heal up pretty faster when compared to other body piercing.

Tongue piercing may also become a cause for gum receding if the piercing is pushed repeatedly against the front teeth. There are some listed styles you could go for:

  • Tongue piercing
  • Horizontal tongue piercing
  • Inverse tongue piercing
  • Frenulum piercing
  • Friendly piercing
  • Smiley piercing

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Nape piercing

piercings for guys

Nape piercings aren’t anything new, but they have been booming in popularity lately. Nape piercings are typically dermal piercings and use dermal tops and anchors to achieve the look. However, a few people have opted for a barbell style, which would be considered a surface piercing. They are in a part of the body that is constantly in use and get stuck onto clothing and other objects.

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This very unique surface piercing has a really crucial procedure and for that, a well-experienced, professional piercer is required. The pain is not intolerable when compared to other sensitive piercing parts. Also, gives an extra charm to your neck.

There is a myth that is quite often heard that nape piercings for guys cause damage to the spinal and nerve tissues but that isn’t true. The truth is that like the other body piercing it also doesn’t affect the nervous system.

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