Truth About Sexual Piercings Told By Sarah Miller

We’re gonna talk about sexual piercings. How piercings can enhance sex? Whether or not certain genital piercings are just for show or if they make sex more pleasurable? And my personal experiences with sexual piercings. We’re gonna differentiate between the different types of genital piercings and their colloquial or slang names.

When you think of sexual piercings you might think of a Prince Albert or clit piercing but there are probably a lot of things about both of those piercings you know nothing about. Like the fact that piercing your actual clit is very very rare and very very dangerous and not only are we gonna talk about piercing genitals. We’re also gonna talk about nipple piercings, and tongue piercings and how they can play a part in sexual stimulation.

Tongue Piercings and Sexual Pleasure

Let’s first talk about the tongue ring I do have one yes. Is the tongue ring just for show or does it enhance kissing and oral sex? Personally, I think is on a case-by-case basis. Not everyone gets a tongue ring for sexual satisfaction. 

Not everyone gets a tongue ring for sexual satisfaction. As with all piercings and body modifications, you do it because you like the way it looks mainly. But I do feel like kissing someone with a tongue ring is interesting and performing oral sex with a tongue ring is more fun.

Of course, it’s interesting. My personal opinion is that I do enjoy oral sex. When it’s performed on me more. If the person has a tongue ring, it’s just like putting a stud there that adds extra pressure to the certain points where you’re looking or sucking like underneath the cock on the frenulum or the clitoris.

Which just adds for extra pleasure, but isn’t like a huge step up in sex. No, not really. Maybe it is for some people, but for me, it’s not a huge deal. It’s just kind of an extra little perk and yeah, tongue rings do have that connotation, but if a guy has it, he’s probably into pussy looking. And if a girl has it, she’s probably a quote-unquote slut that likes to suck dick, but it’s not that big of a deal. And it can just be for the looks.

Nipple piercing as sexual piercings

Another place that a lot of people get pierced that may or may not affect sexual pleasure is the nipples. Both men and women get nipples piercings. It could be one nipple or both nipples. It can increase or decrease sensitivity based on the person, but mainly it’s just something fun to play with.

And look again, as with most piercings, especially ones that aren’t on the genitalia itself, the main appeals of getting them is aesthetic and not necessarily sex deriven. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule as with both tongue and nipple piercings, you can get multiple piercings, you can get them vertical or horizontal.

You can get them in different places on your tongue. If we’re going for the tongue piercing, you can wear a loop. You can wear a barbell. All up to you and they do make vibrating barbells for oral sex, which are way too big to wear all the time. So I’ve never tried one because I don’t like changing out my sexual piercings.

Genital Piercings And Sexual Pleasure

sexual piercings

Now that we’ve gotten those out of the way, let’s go ahead and jump into genital piercings because there is a lot for both men and women because it’s pretty interesting and that is more vast of a topic than I thought it would be when I started reading up on it and researching it.

The age-old question is, does it benefit men or women more sexually, and study shows that it is more pleasurable for women, whether it’s them to have the piercing or their partner that has the piercing. It’s thought that this fact is maybe driving from the fact that sex for women is often more emotional and mental than for men.

So if they feel sexy or they feel like they have something extra stimulating them, it will stimulate them more. But another thought, and mainly my thought is the fact that women have a harder time getting off in the first place.

So anything helps basically, if clitoral hood piercing is rubbing on your clit while you were getting fucked, that’s going to be a benefit. But of course, as always, this is case by case. And if you’re a girl, your boyfriend can enjoy it more than you because maybe they just don’t do it for you.

Male sexual piercings

Let’s start on the male piercings and we’ll start with the most popular one first, the Prince Albert’s. So if you don’t know what a Prince Albert is, it is going in underneath the penis, through the urethra, the place where you pee and out the pee hole. It’s kind of like a little hook thing on the bottom of your penis, you can wear all different kinds of jewelry in here.

Secondly, we are gonna talk about Barbell rings. Anatomically some women like it, some men like it, it all depends on preference. A common thought is that Prince Albert’s or any piercing on the penis is going to give you as a man, more of a chance to hit your girl’s G-spot or whatever spot she enjoys most.

Therefore making them cum more easily, but some partners have reported that it’s also really annoying. Painful again, case by case that brings us next to frenulum piercings or Jacob’s ladder, which is a bunch of frenulum piercings. If you guys don’t know what a frenulum is, it is the extra skin underneath your penis.

The skin that kind of goes up from the penis and attaches to your head. If you’re not circumcised, you can also have a frenulum. If you are circumcised. It just depends on how the job was done. So you Pierce the skin underneath your dick, just like straight through, not through the dick, just through the skin.

It’s more of a superficial thing. This is more aesthetic for the man more for the girl. So Jacob’s ladder is having a bunch of frenulum piercings on the bottom of your dick, kind of creating a little frenulum ladder, adorable. And then there’s a piercing that goes directly through the head of the penis through either vertically or horizontally. Vertically is called apadravyaand horizontally is called ampallang.

I just found out the names for these today. Anyway, these are generally more painful for men initially when you get the piercing done, but not painful afterwards. And they were reported to give more pleasure to your partner. And these piercings are more restricted in what kind of jewelry you can wear.

Then we have Guido piercings, which is basically just piercing the space between your balls and your anus, which I call Chode. Some people call Gooch and other people call taints depends on where you heard the word first or where you look it up. This place is an erogenous zone for men. So it can give men extra sexual pleasure, despite it looking completely aesthetic and not like it would actually do anything.

And the last male piercing we’re going to talk about today is they have piercing anywhere on your scrotum. This also may sound like it’s purely aesthetic, but once your piercing is fully healed, you can add some weights to it. It sounds painful. I know, but it can prolong your orgasm depending on your anatomy, which is pretty interesting attaching a small weight to your balls.

Female sexual piercings

All right, moving on to female piercings. I personally have a clitoral hood piercing. So today we’re going to start with those. You can do it vertically or horizontally. Before I got mine done, I actually thought they pierced the clitoris, which is basically like piercing the head of your penis for a guy.

But the nerve bundling are so much smaller because the membrane is so much smaller that can be very damaging. So it’s very rare that someone will pierce their actual clutters. In fact, the place that I went to wouldn’t even do it. Permanent nerve damage, temporary nerve damage.

I like to cum. So if you guys didn’t know, clits do have hoods kind of like penises have for skin. The only differences in the Western world, we leave girls clitoris hooded. Don’t know why I’m taking off. Our four skin is mutilation, but taking off yours is okay. If not a tradition. But that’s a discussion for a different time.

So anyway, what you do is you pierce the skin above the clitoris vertically, is said to feel more simulating because it’s laying right on top rather than just grazing the top by going horizontally. But I chose to go horizontal because I felt that it looks better and I felt that I could move it around more.

And it is definitely fun with masturbation. There was a chance that I would have overstimulation, which means that I would just be cuming out of nowhere. And that was something that I was kind of hoping for, but it’s just not a reality. What is kind of cool is that the hood skin does kind of mesh into the other skin down there on my vagina.

And so when someone inserts a penis into me, especially if it’s forcefully, it does tug on that skin and therefore pulls the piercing on my clitoris. So it does feel good. And that’s definitely a plus.

The next piercing we’re going to talk about is called a Christina piercing. This is like a hundred percent aesthetic, and it’s basically just piercing the skin above the clitoris and the clitoral hood.

So it’s not actually touching the clutters. It’s basically just like vaginas, link your BJJ to make it pretty, which is fine. I just like a little pleasure with my pain, you know?

Next thing we have is the Labia piercing. So the labia is like the meat curtains, basically the two little pieces of skin that hang down from your vagina that are more or less visible, depending on your anatomy, modern, aren’t very visible, but you can like dig in there and find them.

And some people get those pierciers. They either pierce them together. They pierce one by one, or they just pierce one side, unless it’s mental. These are almost a hundred percent aesthetic and have nothing to do with sexual pleasure. Other than just feeling like you’ve got a sexy vagina. In my experience, genital piercings take a while to heal longer for men than women.

Some male piercings can actually take up to six months to heal. And during that healing process, you should abstain from sex or be very careful when you have sex. I always take the ladder. Anytime I get a surgery or have anything done when they say no physical exertion, no sex. For two weeks. That means I’m a starfish in bed for two weeks, or I’m going to have fun giving a lot of blow jobs.

It does not mean no sex for two weeks. One thing that I do feel like is a con with genital piercings is that you do have to be careful when you’re having sex, which means rough sex might be harder to do or a no-no altogether. You don’t want to rip anything, tear anything, get anything lost inside of you.

All of which can be very painful and very unfortunate. I have had sex with a guy with a friend and it didn’t really help the sex. But I’ve never tried sex with anything like a Prince Albert, which I think would be kind of interesting, especially if you had like a bigger piece of jewelry in there, but I do condone and support the use of piercings and jewelry and sex.

It’s kind of like an extra sex toy or at least it’s aesthetically pleasing. And I enjoy looking at pierce pussy. It’s fun to have something to clang my tongue ring on kissing someone with a tongue ring is fun. Although I’ve never kissed the person with a tongue ring especially when I had my tongue ring, I don’t know if they can get latched or something.

If he has a loop and I have a barbell, but as with every experience, it varies. It’s up to your anatomy, your sexual preferences, your experiences, how rough or slow you go, how well your piercing was done, how large the piercing is. And there’s basically no right or wrong answer. So just be careful with it.

Keep an open mind and experiment my go-to pieces of advice for all sexual acts. And of course, stay safe. If your boyfriend decided to put a barbell in that has like a poker on the end of it, make sure you’re careful with condoms, you know, common sense type things.