What Are Sleeper Earrings?

Are you confused about what are sleeper earrings? What makes them different from other trending earrings around? Want to find out? So let’s started without wasting time on any further discussions!

Though it seems quite obvious that, like all earrings, sleeper earrings are worn on ears. Compared to older days, earrings today are categorized into numerous types, shapes, and sizes, depending on what purpose they commit to serving.

Why would one buy sleeper earrings?

By now, you would have got what sleeper earrings are expected to serve. By their name only, you can easily categorize them into the type of earrings that you can put on while sleeping. Such earrings are light-weighted and are usually designed with post hinges that close into a V-lock. Thus, no need to use earring backings for sleeper earrings.

Also quite popular as starter earrings following the fact that sleeper earrings are designed to be worn by individuals who had just gotten their ears pierced for the very first time. You can put them on for longer time strains, and their comfortable design ensures peaceful sleep throughout the night.

To make your sleeper earring more comfortable and safe from hypoallergenic metals, choose the ones made with sterling silver, surgical stainless steel, or 14 or 18k gold.

Which individuals generally prefer using sleeper earrings?

Young kids:

There are multiple varieties found within the category of sleeper earrings, from hoops to small studs. Children at a younger age get more new piercing, sleeper earrings in handy styles assure quick and comfortable ear heals.

In most cases around, studs are thought as a preferable choice for children to secure them with a screw-on its back. While adults often go for hoops as their choice in sleeper earrings. Hoops are designed to give a stylish and stunning look, though serve the same purpose as for the studs.

Well, hoops are not the ideal recommendation for kids as they might try to snatch or pull them off. Of course, causing harm to their tiny ears while taking them out.

Newly pierced ears:

Sleeper earrings serve as a perfect match for individuals who have recently pierced their ears. Featuring their light-weighted and comfortable design, you can wear them for long – until your ear piercings are fully healed.

Remember, frequent replacing of earrings on a healing wound would only increase its chances of getting an infection. Thus making you suffer from discomfort, irritation, and, for the worst scenario, would result in a natural closing of the pierced hole.

So it’s a better idea to minimize the risk of infections around your newly pierced ears by choosing sleeper earrings as a starter. Also, it might be possible that changing between different earpieces would, in the end, result from it ripping your raw ear apart. So be new piercers aware and follow your piercer’s advice!

Depending on various features – skin, location of ear piercing, etc. –, the healing time might differ between people. Wearing sleeper earrings provides enough time for the piercing to heal with no such worries of disturbing the healing wound either you awake or asleep.

Check out our picks of 6 amazing hypo allergic hoop earrings from our picks:

  1. TGNEL titanium steel hoop earrings
  2. TraveT titanium steel hoop earrings
  3. ZHIYAOR titanium steel hoop earrings
  4. 365 Sleeper titanium hoop earrings
  5. NewZenro surgical stainless steel hoop earrings
  6. JUIBAN surgical stainless steel hoop earrings

Any other person:

Despite the fact, that sleeper earrings are specifically designed to serve those individuals who have recently got their ear pierced. They are also preferred by those who are a bit lazy to repeatedly switching earrings.

Do you wear earrings on special occasions only? Then you might like the idea of wearing these handy sleeper earrings, just to keep the piercing holes open. After a few days, you will start to adapt to this extra piece sticking from your ears, even forgetting the last time you put them on.

Learn about the features when buying sleeper earrings:

Different designs:

Keeping the most common – stud and hoop sleeper earrings, you can find yourself various other types of sleeper earrings which includes regular hoops, organically shaped earrings, teardrop-shaped, sleeper studs, and beaded hoops.

Hypoallergenic materials:

While you are sleeping you can put on sleeper earrings without no worries. But make sure that these earrings are made of hypoallergenic metal – nickel-free gold, surgical stainless steel, and sterling silver – so that you don’t to face allergies and radiations in future.


For the stud ones, you will find short posts with metallic screw-on back to add extra safety and comfort. Talking about the hoop ones, being more suitable for adults, they have got a V-type snap closure system that aids to prevent entangle of random fiber from your clothes or hair.

Best hoop sleeper earrings:

1. TGNEL titanium steel hoop earrings

sleeper earrings

TGNEL hoop earrings are made of percent pure titanium material. Featuring a highly polished and matte finish earring design that comes with a box to store safely when not being used. To add extra comfort and luxury to your sleep, these sleeper earrings are made light weighted.

As mentioned on its grading, the earring is made with pure titanium. Thus, it definitely means that no compounds of nickel are added, making it completely anti-allergic. Making it the ideal choice for keeping sensitive ears healthy and away from infections. Men can also select this one because its style not only makes these sleeper earrings simple but also unique.

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2. TraveT titanium steel hoop earrings

Want a variety of colors to your ears? Well, here’s a chance! TraveT offers 3 different colors – gold, double color, and steel – titanium steel hoop for 24/7 wear, which means while sleeping too. A choice that comprehends both men and women – go for whatever color you like the most.

Talking about its grading, titanium steel makes it durable, safe, and solid, as well. Not to end there, TraveT’s sleeper earrings offer a matte finish with a smoother inner surface. Also, reviews show that the earrings retain their color for longer, avoiding rusting. In total, you can wear them on formal occasions as well for an appealing appearance.

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3. ZHIYAOR titanium steel hoop earrings

sleeper earrings

Another ideal choice for individuals with sensitive ears. The electroplated workmanship features these sleeper earrings to retain their color surface for a long. Although the base is colored silver, you can get yours in black, rainbow, and blue color too.

On ordering them, you get a pair of four – black, silver, blue, and a combination of all four. Both men and women can enjoy these classic and comfortable pieces all day and night long. The company advises its users to wash their sleeper earrings with alcohol before first wear to avoid all sorts of swelling and irritation reactions from factory substances.

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4. 365 Sleeper titanium hoop earrings

sleeper earrings

All the way from Australia, you get 365 Sleeper by sleeper earrings and body jewelry experts. Depending on how it fits and what you like, you can choose your pair between 5mm and 13mm. Are you afraid that your new piercing might get infections and allergies? Well, then, choose 365 Sleeper titanium hoop earrings as their non-irritant G23 Titanium keeps our piercing healthy and color retained to grey for long.

The hinges make the hoops easy to open and close, avoiding confusion. Both men and women can prefer to wear them at their workplaces, formal sessions apart from day to nightwear. Also, they look tremendous with other piercing jewelry accessories on the lip, eyebrow, and nose.

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5. NewZenro surgical stainless steel hoop earrings

sleeper earrings

NewZenro sleeper earrings are made from 316L surgical stainless steel to keep your fresh wounds protected. This means it keeps your new piercing safe from getting infections as, is free from lead, nickel, or any other hypoallergenic material.

Talking about its design: these earrings look like a classic loop, which can multifunction to be used for other body piercing such as nose, eyebrows, lips, and nipples. The entire package includes eight pieces of mini hoop sleeper earrings where four are sized 10mm and others as 8mm.

Avail their customer service, which offers a 90-day money-back guarantee or product exchange, in case you have an issue with your set to be on a safer side.

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6. JUIBAN surgical stainless steel hoop earrings

sleeper earrings

Last from our picks, we have got JUIBAN surgical stainless steel hoop earrings ranging between different hoop sizes from 6mm to 40mm. Also, offers multiple packages, like some offer six pairs, while the other has six pairs of sleeper earrings on one purchase.

Their combo collection includes a variety of colors as well, which includes gold, steel, and black. The grading shows it’s made from surgical stainless steel that is definitely hypoallergenic in nature. These everyday sleeper earrings can also serve as an ideal for various other piercings such as the nose, cartilage, and lip piercings.

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Learn about the pros and cons of sleeper earrings:

  • They are comfortable
  • Easy to wear, keep on, and remove
  • Lightweight
  • Hypoallergenic
  • No getting poked when you sleep
  • Small loops are more like a continuous loop that’s safe on the skin
  • You might pull out the hoops inadvertently


Secure your new piercing by getting sleeper earrings. Sleep comfortably and well even when these earring are on. Stay free from stress as no need to take them off until your ear piercing heals up!