25 Weird Piercings You Should Know!

Piercings are quickly becoming the new trend nowadays and people love to get piercings to improve their looks. Nose piercings and ear piercings are quite common as they emphasize the beauty of the respective body parts and make the person wearing them look outstanding.

However, there are some extremely weird piercings that are not only odd but in some cases also seem painful. Located in awkward areas of the body, these piercings are extremely odd and most people would be able to make sense out of them.

These are weird piercings that you can get:

  1. Nose bridge piercings
  2. Piercings that cover all of the faces
  3. Tongue piercings
  4. Straight lip piercing
  5. Piercings that are located lengthwise through the nose
  6. Corset piercings located on the back
  7. Gauged lip piercings
  8. Piercings through the gum
  9. Piercings through the knuckles
  10. Piercings through the uvula
  11. finger Piercing
  12. Piercings through the neck
  13. rock piercing
  14. septum piercings
  15. Tongue web piercings
  16. teeth piercings
  17. Piercings located in the skin between fingers
  18. Above upper lip piercing
  19. Piercings through the anti-tragus
  20. Wrist piercing
  21. Dimple piercings
  22. Daith piercing
  23. Third eye-piercing
  24. Industrial piercing
  25. Snug piercing

Nose Bridge Piercings

Weird Piercings

Nose bridge piercings are quickly becoming the new trend nowadays. These are truly weird piercings because they are located on the thin skin on the bridge of the nose, right between the eyes. And that’s not all. The procedure of nose bridge piercings is priced at roughly $40-90. The cost of straight barbell jewelry for nose bridge piercings is $18.

The process of getting a nose bridge piercing is simple and often painless. The piercer clamps the nose which raises the skin on the bridge and inserts the needle. Due to the extreme piercing location, many people believe the piercing goes through the bone. However, the piercing is located on the thin skin above the bone, which makes it a comparatively pain-free piercing.

This odd piercing has a healing time of approximately 10 weeks. However, you should keep your piercing jewelry on for nearly 12 weeks to ensure that the bridge piercing has healed completely.

Piercings that cover all of the faces

Weird Piercings

Piercings that cover nearly all of the faces are indeed one of the weirdest piercings that exist. These odd piercings are a group of several different piercings. These include nose bridge piercings, eyebrow piercings, nose piercings, Monroe piercings, septum piercings, dimple piercings, labret, and medusa piercings.

The collective cost for such awkward piercings amounts to approximately $94. Although it might seem a mystery as to why would anyone get their whole face pierced, yet many people do it. Due to the excessive amounts of piercings that cover the whole face, these are one of most about weird piercings you should know.

The procedure to get the whole face pierced is made up of its separate components. Hence the process involves nose bridge piercing and then separately getting a dimple piercing and so on. It is important to ensure that you research all the processes involved in getting this odd piercing thoroughly. Moreover, ensure that you get your face pierced from professional piercers to ensure that the process is smooth and risk-free.

Typically, the healing time for all of these weird face piercings combined is approximately 6 months. Therefore you should ensure that you don’t replace your piercings before this time. Furthermore, take extreme caution while bathing to ensure that your face piercings are not damaged and to reduce the risk of infection.

Tongue piercings

Weird Piercings

Although quite popular in the world nowadays, tongue piercings are weird piercings that you should know about. Tongue piercings have two variants, the first one sides tongue piercing which is located on the sides of the tongue’s center. The second variant is more common and is called midline tongue piercing. This odd piercing is located in the center of the tongue.

Although because of the extreme location of the piercing, it might seem that this piercing will hurt a lot but this is not the case. The process is fairly straightforward and with a professional piercer, it is completed quickly. During the process, the only pain you might experience would be a tiny pinch and that is all.

The biggest issue with getting tongue piercings lies in its healing time. Due to its extreme piercing location, it requires much effort to ensure that the tongue heals properly. You cannot just simply get along without using your tongue even for a single day.

It is an essential part of daily life, from tasting food to talking, therefore, due to frequent movement, your tongue piercing can become swollen.

However, tongue piercings can heal up in only 6 weeks. Furthermore, with proper care such as rinsing your mouth with salted water, you can ensure your tongue heals quickly. Coupled with this, by eating soft food at the start of the healing process and by refraining from drinking alcohol, you can ensure that the healing process proceeds smoothly.

Straight lip piercings

Weird Piercings

Due to the extreme piercing location, straight lip piercings are weird piercings that you should know about. These odd piercings are two uninterrupted punctures on the lip with the jewelry attached to the ends. Typically, it is located on the lower lip due to its thickness.

As you might be thinking, the process of getting these weird piercings is pretty complicated. First of all, the piercer marks the location of the piercing on your lip. The piercing location depends on the choice of the customer; it can either be in the center or on the sides of the lip.

Later on, your lips are clamped and the extended lip tissue is then punctured via the piercing needle.

As this is being done, you will experience sudden pain. Afterward, the long bar is then placed within the lip through the puncture holes. At the end of the process, you can see two small balls ornamenting your lip.

Due to the extreme piercing location, getting these strange piercings is somewhat a medium scale painful process but the level of pain depends on many factors. These factors include the thickness of your lip, how sensitive your lips are, and how fast your lip is punctured. Many people believe that straight lip piercings are less painful in comparison to nose piercings.

These odd piercings have a healing time of approximately 8 weeks. During the initial stage of healing, it is common for a white liquid to pour out of the piercing so don’t get worried. However, in some cases, the lip can become sore or swollen which can cause pain but get better as the healing progresses.

The only thing you should be truly worried about is when yellow pus begins pouring out of the wound. This implies that your lip has become infected and you should contact your piercer immediately.

You should use sea salt soaks to accelerate the healing process. Furthermore, ensure that you gently wash your wound with clean fingers only. Clean the piercing daily and only remove the jewelry when you are sure the piercing has healed. Moreover, don’t irritate the pierced area.

Piercings those are located lengthwise through the nose

Weird Piercings

These weird piercings are located at the end of the nose bridge, where the nostrils begin to widen up. Their extreme piercing location makes them a rarity due to which they are pretty uncommon.

The procedure costs approximately $50-100. The piercer passes the needle through one nostril, keeps going through the septum and exits through the other nostril. The piercer then puts a single barbell inside the piercing, so both ends seem almost exactly like each other. Moreover, as the barbell goes all the way through, you can even see the piercing jewelry through your nasal cavity

However, these odd piercings are not meant for everyone. These piercings are more painful to get as compared to other nose piercings. Therefore, only those people should get these strange piercings that have strong nose tissue.

Furthermore, the extreme piercing location also demands care for the piercing. The typical healing time for these odd piercings varies from 3 months to nearly 9 months in some cases. During the healing time, ensure that regularly rinse the piercing with clean water and don’t irritate the pierced area. Do not touch the piercing with dirty fingers or allow anyone else to touch it.

Corset piercings located on the back

Weird Piercings

Corset piercing is pierced from side to side of the back which gives it a look of a corset being laced, it is quite difficult and risky as it has multiple piercing with jewelry designs which has healing issues.

The collective cost of corset piercing is 100$-500$: Even though, Corset piercing is done on the surface of the skin however it is quite painful for the person who undergoes it because it consists of multiple piercings and is an open wound.

With proper aftercare, it takes about 3-4 weeks for the piercing to heal properly.

Gauged lip piercings

Weird Piercings

It is really popular among people who like to modify their body. This piercing is done on the lips with a thick rod pierced through the lips When piercing it is mostly done on the surface of the skin however in gauge piercing, it’s not the case.

In this, the piercer will mark the position on your upper lip and lower lip. Afterward, he will gently and rapidly pierce the lip with a needle to minimize the pain. It is advised to go to a certified professional piercer whose shop is regularly inspected. Then, the piercer will gently remove the needle and place the jewelry inside the pierced lip. The total costs go up to 100$. It will hurt but will be tolerant, the process would be fast and gentle so it will be less painful.

It will take 6-8 weeks approximately, It may take shorter or longer time to heal depending on how well you take care of it.

Gum piercing

Weird Piercings

Gum piercing also known as the smiley piercing is leading piercing treads nowadays. The thing to know about gum piercing is that it is not going to pierce through the gum however the small flap tissue which connects the lips and the gum is pierced.

The piercing would be done fast so for an instance you would feel a sharp pain this is because thinner tissues tend to hurt more than the thicker ones.

If done by a professional, the pain could be reduced to a great extent. The mouth tends to heal faster however the healing process all depends on the aftercare as there are tons of bacteria out there so it might take between 4-12 weeks to heal properly.

The cost is approximately between 30$-90$

Knuckle Piercings

Weird Piercings

Knuckle piercings are not done between the metacarpals but space between them. It is mostly done by curved barbells and consists of single or multiple piercings. A single knuckle piercing costs $20.

Due to its sensitive location, Knuckle piercing needs a lot of aftercare and there are a lot of chances of it being infected. It is not that painful and just like the other piercings, it has a sharp pain for just an instance.

Uvula Piercing

Weird Piercings

This sounds like a very awkward piercing but believes me there are thousands of people out there who want their uvula to be pierced. Think about it, how hard it would be to speak to someone or eat your favorite food. This is the reason why it made into my list of most weird piercings. This is a rare piercing done on the soft palate between the tonsils.

A captive bead ring is typically used, it is performed by an expert in uvula piercing. The piercer uses a hollow piercing needle, the uvula is pierced very delicately and the jewelry is carefully placed as the jewelry may drop into the throat. It takes about 2 weeks to heal and in a reputable parlor, its cost starts from 100$ and goes up to 180$.

Finger piercing

Weird Piercings

A new wedding trend, Why buy a 1000$ diamond ring when you can have your fingers pierced to show your love and care to your partner. It is an unusual style of surface piercing in which the base of the finger is pierced and it looks like a ring. A highly experienced piercer is needed to get the piercing place properly.

The piercer will mark the location and gently push through the needle. The jewelry is then inserted. It costs about 70-100$. A mild pain would be experienced while piercing through the skin since it is the surface piercing. It may take almost a year for the piercing to heal completely.

Neck piercing

Weird Piercings

It is a series of surface piercing done on the side of the neck. A barbell is placed on the side of the neck inside the skin. The piercer would clean the place where you want to be pierced, then he would mark the position.

Afterward, the piercer would gently put through a needle and then remove the needle. He would then place the jewelry inside, it is suggested to avoid moving around the pierced position to avoid infection.

It takes approximately 2-3 months for piercing to fully heal itself. In the meantime, it is important to wash the pierced place once or twice a day. It cost up to 50$ or more.

Rook Piercing

Weird Piercings

Rook piercing is the piercing of the antihelix of the ear, it is located above the tragus between the inner and the outer conch and is one of the most unusual places for someone to pierce.

It is mostly done freehandedly; the piercer cleans the area and then mark the location. A hollow needle is pushed through the area where then the jewelry is placed. The total time for it to heal is 6 to 12 months and sometimes even longer. It costs about 30-50$.

Septum Piercing

Weird Piercings

This one is a really weird piercing as it is located on the dividing wall no of the nostrils and that’s not all, its price is about 40-90$.

The procedure of it is different and painless as compared to other piercings. It is done freehandedly using a needle. Forceps are used to hold your nostrils open, a hollow tube on one side receives a needle from the other side.

The piercer then inserts the jewelry into the opening once the needle is pulled out. The procedure is pretty quick and only takes one or two minutes. It takes 6-8 weeks to heal properly.

Tongue web piercing

Weird Piercings

It is a body piercing through frenulum underneath the tongue. It is a very simple piercing and heals very quickly. It a very unusual piercing because it is part of our oral anatomy which helps us to speak.

The procedure of this piercing is the same as the smiley (gum) piercing. Its cost can range between 50$-60$ and may vary depending on the jewelry. It may take 1-2 months for the piercing to heal properly.

Tooth Piercing

Weird Piercings

With the sound of it, it may seem that a hole is drilled inside the tooth however that is not the case here. In tooth piercing, Jewelry is carefully attached to the surface of the tooth. The strange thing about this piercing is that you would not experience any pain during or after the procedure.

Firstly, the tooth would be cleaned using an acid, then a bonding agent would be applied to the area where jewelry would be applied. Moreover, the piercing expert would secure the jewelry into the composite using some specific instruments. A special lamp would harden the composite.

It costs about 25$ or more.

Hand web piercing

Weird Piercings

Hand web piercing is piercing done through the web of the hand between two fingers. The piercer marks the location of the piercing and then puts through a hollow needle. He then puts the jewelry inside the opening while removing the needle. The collective cost of the procedure is 50-60$ and it takes about 2-3 weeks for it to fully heal.

Above upper lip piercing

Weird Piercings

Above upper lip piercing also referred to as to medusa piercing, it is located in the philtrum below the septum of the nose. Due to its location being inside the mouth, its cost is 40-80$ as it is located near many nerve endings. It is done through the skin, the piercer marks the upper and lower position of the piercing, and with a hollow needle pierces the skin.

While removing the needle, the piercer carefully inserts the jewelry. The procedure is quite fast so it is less painful since this is a sensitive area so a bit of pain is experienced and takes up to 6-12 weeks to heal properly.

Piercing trough the anti-tragus

Weird Piercings

This piercing is located directly above the Earlobe, opposite the tragus. It is one of the weirdest piercings because it is one of the most painful piercing, some say it is even more painful than cartilage piercings.

The procedure of this piercing is the same as the Rock piercing. The anti-tragus costs from $30 to $100 and for healing properly it takes from 6-12 months.

Wrist piercing

Weird Piercings

Wrist piercing is done through the surface of the wrist. The skin is shaved and cleaned, then the entry and exit points are marked. The skin is clamped before the needle is pushed through and the barbell is inserted inside it.

It is one of the least painful procedure and most sensitive piercing of all as there is a high risk of infection. It takes about 2 to 6 weeks for the piercing to heal properly. In a reputable parlor, the cost of it is $50 to $100.

Cheek piercing

Weird Piercings

Cheek piercing also known as the dimple piercing is a piercing on side of the face where dimple naturally occurs. These are really weird piercings because they can be dangerous some times as if the salivary glands are damaged they cannot be repaired.

That is why the piercer first looks for the ducts of the parotid. The piercer will then mark the location to show you how it will look like, then he would place a cork in your mouth to keep your tongue safe from the needle.

He will then pierce using a hollow needle and immediately insert the jewelry. It is less painful as cheeks have no cartilage and are tolerable. The cost of it will generally fall between $40 and $100. The cheek piercing usually takes 8-12 weeks to heal.

Daith Piercing

Weird Piercings

Info: It is a piercing of fold of cartilage above the entrance of the ear canal. The procedure of this piercing is the same as the Rock piercing however it gives a very sharp pain during the procedure.

It takes approximately 9 months to fully heal. The average cost of a Daith piercing is $30 to $80.

Third Eye Piercing

Weird Piercings

Third eye piercing is touching the peak of piercing trends and is located at the bridge of the nose vertically between the eyebrows. It is mostly done using a surgical pen and can also be done using a sterilized needle for the insertion of the jewelry.

It takes approximately 4-6 months to heal. The cost of it mainly depends on the jewelry chosen, usually, the cost of getting a third eye is around $60.

Industrial Piercing

Weird Piercings

Industrial piercing also known as construction piercing consists of two piercings in one. These piercings are mostly located in helix and anti-helix and connecting them is a straight barbell. The procedure of this is that one by one the barbell is inserted into the piercing using a hollow needle.

It would hurt a little more than a single piercing as you would go two piercings.

It would usually take 2-3 months to heal with proper care. Due to the double piercing, the cost is also increased and is around $30 to $70.

Snug Piercing

Weird Piercings

The snugs are the most popular type of piercings nowadays however the thing which makes it weird and forces me to enter its name into this list is its location. The snug piercing is done through a ridge of hard cartilage that wraps around the inner part of your ear.

The piercer will first clean the area then, mark the location where piercing needs to be done and afterward, he would insert a sterilized hollow needle through the marked area. The jewelry would be then inserted and it’s done.

However, the process is a little more painful than the rest of the ear piercings. The healing process would take 3-6 months and the collective cost $35 to $70 depending on jewelry chosen.