Why do girls wear chokers? 15 Reasons Explained!

Check Out 15 reasons for “why do girls wear chokers?”

Chokers are no new trends in fashion as comes back in date to 2500BCE, yet they streak immense popularity in today’s era. Chokers are not only worn by teens at their prom parties, but their increasing demand makes them available for every outfit and place.

Many even today claim that girls wearing chokers are sluts, but that’s not the actual truth. In reality, several aspects explain why do girls wear chokers? Connecting current time back to history, we bring you 15 reasons for choker preference among girls:

1. Unconscious sign of fearlessness

Far away from your knowledge, deep down somewhere, you hold dreams, fear, and desire that reflect at different times. These unconscious deepest desires work to motivate yourself to be what you are to the world, and when you need a hand to express yourself a little, the choker plays its part.

When you choose to wear a choker, you decide to stand out in the crowd as a powerful, fearless, and better person. Most women subconsciously feel that wearing a choker is like going against the real odds of this world and standing up as yourself. Where insecurities drive a woman to wear chokers, it guards the feeling of fear and helplessness, making her a courageous woman of society.


2. Easy DIY, embracing simplicity

Anyone who loves chokers appreciates their simplicity and affordability that can be fashioned out with strip, lace, or ribbon. The thought might have crossed your mind that can something on-trend be so simple yet desirable? Chokers are elegant jewelry accessories that add extra beauty to your neck by wrapping around it.

For enhancing the choker’s overall look, some are decorated with Swarovski crystals or strings of pearls, similar to that red carpet one Paris Hilton donned once. So choose what you believe is according to your personality as we see that choker exists as both – a complex yet fancy statement piece and a simple homemade string of cloth only.

3. Style and Perfection Instincts

Every human boasts some pretty unique features and variable instincts towards fashion and trends. Women being one of them, truly believe in following their natural instinct for perfection and style. Their instincts prove right with this stylish yet elegant piece that accentuates the attractiveness of the neck.

In search to fulfill the many biological demands that your psyche suggests, perfection stands as one of the needs and desires. Psychology explains the triggering of perfectionism feels within a woman when they follow and wears the trendiest and latest kind of accessory items.

One would love to look best on any occasion, and wearing a choker necklace, especially the one that matches the outfit, offers a perfect and complete look. Girls often consider a choker necklace when attending different events to let the feeling of perfection overpower them.

4. Culture right continued from our ancestors

Chokers are no new to the culture, in fact, they have been around for thousands of years. The earliest known example of women decorating their necks with chokers dates back to 2500 BCE in Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt. After surviving through numerous trends and revolutions, the latest choker design hand a nice way to appreciate our ancestor’s culture.

Either way around, for spiritual or fashion reasons, the choker instates its value and beauty. Choker being common wear, even holds references in holy texts, and according to believers, it invokes protection guard from the gods. Today, a choker is one of the popular fashion trends in high European societies for highlighting neck beauty.

Over time, the choker evolved into new designs, and so did their purpose and symbolization. Searching the history prints, we see that during the French revolution, donned blood-red ribbons became a popular trend amongst women to symbolize the revolution. Later evolution suggested different meanings and signs to this style of necklace:

  • 1920s: A sign of luxury
  • 1940s: A sign of rebellion
  • 1970s: A sign of androgynous self-expression
  • 1990s: A symbol of grunge and goth sub-cultures

So, you see that how chokers evolved and settled over time!

5. Derives confidence to pursue fashion

Though it may not sound quite persuasive, the truth is that fashion can be anything, even an accessory style like we see chokers around everywhere these days. Many say that it not only looks good but also develops confidence feels within one.

The simplest reason of all is what is in style will be followed. Fashion trends don’t bring their explanation along, just like the enormous baggy jeans from the 90s or the long haircuts of the 80s. Hear a trendsetter say, “It’s good,” and before you even know it, the item is there in every store. Any human being who seems a popular style finds it helpful in gaining confidence and therefore pursues that look.

Something that’s not in vogue, just social media chaos, can be a bit risky to try. Although when the majority follows the same fashion, you can try to fit in, even if you might not look the best. Fashion lets one explore the variable forms of themselves by experimenting with the ‘in’ styles to see what matches their personality type, just like many girls out there trying to fit themselves into choker personalities.

6. Role Identification

Who do you follow for your fashion? Anyone you think to be alike, though most people mark famous celebrities as their role models, such as top models, actresses, and even pop singers. From following their day-to-day routines to copying their fashion styles, the fans keep track of their favorites.

Since most of them these days love to flaunt their necks with chokers, so do most girls. They wear matching choker necklaces with their outfits to look like their star role models, with even some going up to the extent of identifying and fantasizing about themselves with these stars.

7. Survival and Trends

Fashion trends hold incredible power that nudges over you each time a new trend gets set, forcing you to join in the fashion league, and do what everyone is doing to have a sense of belonging there. At times, you follow trends to survive through your life phase while other times, to keep your wish of respecting trends. Nowadays, each brand and store offers different designs and styles in chokers.

Anyone who is into chokers simply conveys that they are part of today’s trend and you might feel left out by others if you don’t keep up with them. Of course, no girl would wish to feel excluded, especially from the ones on the run. That is why a choker is one of those fashion accessories that girls wear on many occasions. Certainly, most women and girls will go ahead to purchase and wear chokers around their necks as soon as possible.

8. Accessory for highlighting neck

Will you decline added beauty to your neck? Of course, no one would, and that is why girls wear chokers to make their necks look pretty. Most girls with long necks find a choker as a powerful tool for emphasizing the attractiveness of their necks. They believe that wearing that thick band around the neck highlights the shape of their slender necks.

Since a choker shines bright on one’s neck, it means wearing one would grab the attention of everyone’s eye at the event. Definitely, it makes you feel like the center of attraction out there.

9. Attention seeking

No one wants to let go of the chance to have a moment in the limelight, and here is where the choker wins. Unfortunately, a few girls want to drive people’s attention towards themselves, and here choker serves the best. This attention of others brings them appreciation and praise, and that is what they want.

We understand that it is in-human nature to crave praise, attention, and appreciation, making people reach their very extend. In most girls’ views, this statement fulfills by doing specific things or wearing certain items. Everyone knows how well does a choker grab one’s attention, so it often settles as a preferable option for many occasions including, weddings, graduation, birthdays, holidays, and more.

The choker surely wins this attention-seeking aspect, and do you know why? The neck seems a very visible body part that surely catches every glimpse when shiny, making this choker an effective way of grabbing everyone’s attention around you.

10. Versatile – Matches with different styles and outfits

Speaking of the choker’s versatility, it goes along with various styles and yet remains a statement piece. Whether it’s a formal, casual, or even mix-match fabric, the choker plays its part to make it stand out everywhere while maintaining its own significance.

11. Easy Customization

Unlike other fashion accessories, you can customize the choker such that it fits along with your style and personality. Style your choker with diamonds and pearls to turn this simple necklace into one that expresses sophistication and high class.

In contrast, to share a funky look with your choker, you can even stud it with spikes for presenting gothic subcultures and edgy rocks. Add an edge to your outfit by matching and mixing various choker designs with alternative dress codes.

12. Attachment to doll-like accessories or ornaments

In psychology, we study psychoanalytic theory, which explains that girls are more attached to their belonging compared to boys. Staying around your belonging brings joy and happiness in one’s eyes and mind. This choker hanging around your neck lends a sense of safety and a feeling of security subconsciously to a girl who wears it.

13. Feminism and Peer Relations

The question we are searching for answers to must define why girls wear chokers. Some reasons stretch miles bringing evidence from the past, while others are simple and emotionally connected to others. One of the reasons explains the influence feminist female peers inherit when they see women wearing elegant and pretty chokers around them.

The thought and belief connect what other girls and women around you are doing and what they are wearing, which results in movements that bring meaningful changes to society. Overall, this thinking and belief make more girls wear chokers for supporting the latest trend.

14. A smart approach to dealing with anxiety

Everyone faces anxiety at a certain point in life, and this is when they search out ways to get through these tough days. For some girls wearing bright red lip gloss builds up confidence, making them feel powerful and pleasant all day long.

Likewise, other girls find wearing their chokers a way to release anxiety, and they play with them to get through the day without facing any stress or anxiety. Moreover, this choker necklace develops self-confidence and courage within most girls to face every situation that lies ahead without having to struggle with these hard feelings.

Apart from chokers being a fashion item, most girls prefer them because it delivers something to focus and fidget with when struggling to get through stressful situations. Getting this accessory in your jewelry box to get through the day is a smart choice, and that is completely okay!


15. Nudge to take risks

Risks lead to learning of new experiences in life. Often out of curiosity, most people take big risks to find out its result, ending up exploring new things. Talking about girls, we see they often associate trying new fashion styles with curiosity. Usually risking out a new accessory look with their outfit match might owe a mixture of emotions – excitement, curiosity, fear, and more.

To date, we see chokers remain in style across many cultures around the world. Although chokers are in fashion, hanging this accessory around your neck still counts as a major risk. And like, always risk comes with several comments, both positive and negative.

Anyone who decides to wear a choker necklace surely knows the kind of different reactions they are going to get, making them more curious. As it gets going, they at times even get trolled, which results in a warm ending for some as they begin to like it. With more girls starting to like this trend, it ends up pushing others to wear and explore this choker necklace.

4 Ways to wear choker necklaces

Have you started to fantasize about chokers after going 15 reasons – why do girls wear chokers? Are you thinking of looking out for some amazing choker designs? To get things on hand for you, we have searched out a few on-trend ways to wear choker necklaces.

Style your choker from simplistic style to the world of sparkle and glam around your neck. Whatever and however you prefer to look, we have jotted down the trendiest yet the coolest, top 4 Ways to wear choker necklaces:

1. Minimalistic Choker – Binds a delicate look

Why do girls wear chokers?
Why do girls wear chokers?

Want something for daily wear? Of course, nothing is better than a minimalist choker in that case. With this delicate yet equally beautiful choker necklace, style your everyday outfit with an added twist of uniqueness and elegance. The choker will get along with most clothes in your wardrobe including, a simple plain top with jeans and a dainty choker is enough to complete your day’s look.

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2. Layering Choker – A mixture of long necklace & a choker

Why do girls wear chokers?
Why do girls wear chokers?

Mixtures always excite us, don’t they? Recently, we see fashionistas combining different types of necklaces. There is no limit to imagination, you can create your own unique combination of your 1 or 2 favorite long necklaces along with one of your chokers. Want a pre-matched set of necklaces offering a distinctive look to your simple choker? Well, you can get one online on amazon stores, or maybe love to try the one down below!

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3. Boho choker – For festive vibes and bohemian influences

Why do girls wear chokers?
Why do girls wear chokers?

The Boho choker is still in demand, and you wouldn’t like your festivals to go without wearing one. You can follow up the trend this season with a mini bohemian dress combination. Get that casual vibe pack inside your trendy and eye-catcher when you combine your choker with a chic and bohemian dress. Do you love festivals? Well, then enjoy your aura with a joyful and careless feeling as you slay in your bohemian dress.

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4. Business Choker – Work appropriate choker

Why do girls wear chokers?
Why do girls wear chokers?

Want a choker that fits your professional style? Not all choker necklaces are designed for street styles and teen wears. Some do offer an elegant and sophisticated look that matches along with your professional outfit. Are you ready to rock your choker to work without looking too flashy or trashy? Certainly, a simple-looking choker pendant can turn your normal day clothes into a fashion outfit, perfect for work.

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Bottom Line

The reason behind why a particular girl wears a choker can vary for the other. At times, it is just the mood or maybe a result of the reasons discussed above. Yet, whatever the reason might be, chokers are trending, and many girls love to wear them around. So, keep this over-thinking to hold and join this new trend wholeheartedly. Maybe you can just start by trying one of the chokers mentioned above. What say?